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The Republican push to privatize Social Security is really only about one thing: giving control of the Social Security trust fund to the bankers.

They’ve already started taking big bites of the Medicaid funding. They’re working on the Medicare funding, too. No rocket science is required to figure it out.

“Privatize” after all, is Republican code for moving public assets into private hands.  Public assets, you recall, are shared monies we give to the government to safeguard and use “to promote the general welfare”.  Not the welfare of banks or corporations or rich individuals. The general welfare. Us.

But like the privateers of old, the Street has been on a steady course of pillaging the wealth of the nation. Privateers, of course, are simply pirates with government authorization. This is easy to get, once you’ve purchased most of the “elected” representatives.

First, they took down the S&Ls, then some insurance companies, then the mortgage industry, the big small banks and, recently, any equity we had in real estate. They’ve started on education. And now it’s the prize of prizes:  The Social Security trust fund. It’s not enough to privatize education, incarceration, defense and infrastructure. All wealth must be removed from the control of the people who made it real.

Don’t buy the notion that you’d have been better off planning and saving on your own for retirement; millions of people who did just that are living on Social Security now. And it’s not their “fault”.  They had SEPPs and IRAs and 401ks and all manner of private retirement savings programs, all tied largely to the markets and all looted through market and social manipulation since 1980. You can look it up.

First they took all your cash, all the while exhorting you to max out your borrowing power. Then they took all the equity you had in property. For the majority nearing retirement, any future they had “ensured” through private investment has been destroyed time and again by excesses of these pirate crews. If that’s not true in your family, you are either in the top 20% financially, or you’re one of the hogs lined up at the slaughterhouse.

Your refusal to demand honest and competent representatives has sealed the deal. Your indifference to their outrageous behavior and increasingly blatant theft of your basic human rights and your property added blessing to it.

Just so I’m perfectly clear on this:  the people who yell “Let them die” in reference to the sick or injured without health insurance will be no less brutal and indifferent when you, your family and your friends fall further and further out of the spheres of money and purchased influence. (Have you not noticed how cleverly we ignore the problems of homelessness and poverty?  If only those people had made better choices in life!)

Why should we be surprised? For a long time the lesson of justice in America has been “steal big and steal from the right people”. It’s true that, here,  justice is blind; blind to truth, blind to integrity, blind to poverty, blind to need. And most of all, blind to social justice.

As the great American kleptocracy eats more and more of our peoples’ assets it becomes ever more ravenous.  If you are a mere millionaire you are in line to be eaten. A billion might preserve you; it will be a much battered billion by the time you die, because they are never done eating. And your progeny are likely to be eaten after you are gone; if not by the system we have allowed to flourish, then by the people the system will soon have starving. Remember, the ladder is destabilized as the bottom rungs are removed.

Truth is, Social Security as it stands is working fine and can easily work for the long term with minor tweaks and reality adjustments. But apparently, we no longer have the will to do  right or censure wrong.

You can oppose the privateers. You can ignore them. You can support them.

If yours are the last two choices, I encourage you to take a good hard look at what your fellow humans are capable of doing to one another. Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans and an increasing majority of white Americans can tell you about it: The privateers will show no mercy.

That, you can take all the way to the bank.

Glenn Overman

Glenn Overman

Glenn Overman doesn't share much personal information not because he doesn't like or trust you personally, but because some of those people reading over your shoulder are just whacked. He's been everywhere, but he lives in NE FL and is fond of saying, "It's not the heat, it's the stupidity."

  1. Imagine if they had succeeded with their plan to put the SSA fund in the stack market when “The decider” was president! It is somewhat surprising that this failed.

    1. The reason it failed is that while the privateers (good word, thanks) are ruthless, they are also inept and incompetent. Unfortunately, and it is a matter of fortune, their agenda doesn’t get accomplished unless liberals help.
      Yes, liberals are to blame. Liberals, you see, take pleasure in other people’s success and usually stand ready to help. That conservatives are out to rape and pillage legally just doesn’t occur to them.
      We keep asking how come the heartland people keep voting against their own interests. They don’t. Their interest is to make other people happy and give them what they want. So, they vote for the politician the chamber of commerce recommends without giving a thought to the piracy the chamber represents. Commerce thrives on moving things around — like that shell game at the fair.

  2. Charles Seabrook

    This is a provocative piece, Glenn. Thanks. Can you put names and faces on who “they” are, the ones who are stealing us blind? Who are the leading members (corporations, individuals) of the kleptocracy?

    1. Glenn Overman

      Who are “they”? If the question is do I see a vast conspiracy, the answer is no. I use “they” to refer to those who espouse unfettered capitalism, believe the market is God, and want to continue reversing the flow of welfare toward the top of the pyramid. Are there certain wealthy individuals, industries and organizations engaged in this short sightedness? Yes. Their names are widely reported, and their hired lackeys tend to wear dark blue suits and gather in capitols.

      “They” are also the increasing number of citizens who see all ethics as situational, wink at brokered justice, and refuse to hold anyone responsible or accountable for anything, especially themselves. Accountability occasionally used to happen outside of spreadsheets, and we were a better people for it.

      Will I name names? No. I have fallen to their level and employ their tactics. Even waterboarding would be okay.

      1. Name the names or pull them out of the air just like you made up this article.

  3. Frank Povah

    Monica, I am still confused by what “a liberal” actually means. It seems to shift definitions at the whim of the user.

    You are spot on, Glenn, and to think that a 17th-century word would still hold the same meaning in 2011. Fittingly, its root springs from the stem privare, “to separate, deprive”. Not only do these neo-Morganites manipulate politicians and the stock market, they also manipulate the currency market, the labor market and the price of food.

    Their latest inroads are into the infrastructure of cash-strapped cities, leasing them to “relieve” the administrations of the financial burden. Of course the cities are still responsible for subsidizing any shortfall, they are not allowed to give access to any competitors and in the case of one city and its parking meters, if streets are closed for any public event, the new “owners” must be compensated for lost revenue. In all cases, costs of parking and other services have increased, yet Mayors and administrators bought into the idea because they “didn’t want to raise taxes”. Who pays now if not the taxpayer?

    The end result of all this will be that even more cities will become wasteland graveyards as people shun the parking garages and meters and a greater proliferation of strip malls as the expense of irreplaceable farmland.

    Politics-based communism has within it the seeds of its own destruction and so does unfettered, free-market capitalism.

  4. Will Cantrell

    Preach on, Brother! Preach on! As for this reader, Glen, you are preaching to the choir. Amen! Thanks for writing this piece. You wrote it better than I –or most others–ever could. Will

  5. Nothing is made up here, friend. Simply paying attention and remembering from the 70’s on would lead a rational, logical person to conclude what has been happening is as what Mr. Overman describes. And what may yet transpire.
    As Adam Smith says in ‘The Wealth of Nations’ you do not need an organized conspiracy, per se, merely people who have the same interests acting in concert.
    Rather than claim he made it up, perhaps you could refute the argument by explaining what has been happening financially the last 30 years?

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