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Good Dawn, Supervisors and Guvernaters. Thanks for ordering me to this Screeneval for your consideration for promotion.  My background coding is SectorOne 1969 (Old Calendar) City 27-3/O- 256k456c1021m112u NARR Modern.

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I was trained as a writer –a “Worder” in modern terms– in the BadEra before the New American Republican Republic (NARR), and was successfully re-educated ten years ago, praise Sarah and Barbara. Unlike many who were writers and artists in the BadEra I was not placed in NARR’s Faith Medicine, Nutrition & Future Fossil Fuels program. Occasionally I get an eclip from someone who claims to have known me, but they’re mostly quiet now. There is no point in protesting a perfect society. Can you imagine a government telling you what to do?

Anyway, once I completed NuThot I was placed with INFOSEM a prototype program by FlameOutR , the NuCon arm of DragonTooth LLC, NARR’s holding company.  My job with INFOSEM is an important one, “information dissemination”.  Our particular group keeps the Consumery up to date on what to think and believe.  Like the Murdochers valiantly struggled to do back in the BadEra.

I am a Sentence Assembly Specialist First Class.  I take what the Subject, Object, Predicate and Clause-Makers send me and assemble complete sentences.  These are passed on to the Parators, who edit them into polished paragraphs.

Can you believe people once had to do this entire task for themselves? Thank the Angel Ronald times have changed. So many more people have been given jobs now that all tasks can be reduced to their smallest parts for maximum teamwork.  I can’t even remember what it was like in the BadEra when there was so much thinking to be done.  May we all Praise Bush for Charter Schools!

Our cohort is lucky, as we work at CompLevel 6. That means our work product is meant for you, the most gracious Supervisor and Guvernater class.

I pray this Screeneval will show that I am competent to continue serving my betters in this capacity, even if deemed unworthy to Word for the higher audience of Capital Generators who make our great NARR possible.

Due to the terms of my NuThot diploma I will never qualify to rise to the level of  Idealator, which is the title for those at the top of my field.  I have heard that they are permitted to construct fully formed ideas and policies for NARR implementation –subject, of course to the enlightened approval of Supervisors, Guvernaters and CGs. This sounds too hard.

I am very happy not to be a CompZero, however, simply writing instruction stickers. But, Praise W, I would do any requested task.  As it is, I’m in my 5th year now, and hope to move up to Level 7, which means I will be responsible for crafting whole thoughts of up to 5 consecutive sentences from the input provided me.  I know I can be worthy of your trust.

I know how much FlameOut, DragonTooth and the NARR have invested in my re-education and training, and don’t want to disappoint you, our higher leaders or the CGs who protect The NARR Way.

Like all Contri-consumers of the great New American Republican Republic Earthwide corporation I am thankful that DragonTooth funded NARR and created FlameOut, providing me real and meaningful employment.  So many new jobs were created.  Billions who might have had nothing are now screen watchers, gamers, cookers, deliverers, keyboard section specialists and tasker-sharers through the amazing discovery of singletasking.

Singletasking is simply brilliant: it’s no longer necessary to have anyone complete an entire work, like, say hang a door or wash a window or even change a lightbulb – like the movie industry in UnionTime.

The workday is greatly reduced, too. Just 10 hours a day will earn you 2 meals and 6 hours of CubeSleep; 2 more hours bring you even more resource consumption perks, like entertainment, and reduced religious training. Should I earn reproduction rights I will show my offspring this good life.

If you don’t work, of course, you aren’t “in” society, so you are automatically enrolled in the Interplanetary Exploration and Colonization program .  It’s the fairest way.

I promise, if you allow this humble Worder to move to Level 7 (Parator) I will become your greatest Truthor –not a Beck nor a Coulter nor a Limbaugh, of course.

But at the paragraph level, none will serve you better.

Glenn Overman

Glenn Overman

Glenn Overman doesn't share much personal information not because he doesn't like or trust you personally, but because some of those people reading over your shoulder are just whacked. He's been everywhere, but he lives in NE FL and is fond of saying, "It's not the heat, it's the stupidity."

  1. Have you been reading Lewis and Orwell? Well done.

  2. Oh, this is soooooooo good. Thanks for the great start of the day. cheers

  3. Frank Povah

    Thanks Glenn. Isn’t it amazing how much the neo-New Progressive Right sound like the very people they tell us threaten the very fabric of civilization – Communists, Socialists and liberal thinkers. Note though that the Nazis are rarely denigrated except when someone says socialism may not be all bad.

  4. Billy Howard

    That was refreshing. Kind of like Sonny Liston found the mat refreshing after too many left hooks from Clay. I’m ready for installment #2.

  5. Jon Sinton

    Great parody, Glenn. I’m linking back to it from and App. Must get this wider play! Why is it that the loudest voices for freedom from government are always the ones that will enslave you if the get the chance?

  6. Humble. That’s the part that keeps breaking me to a level 1. Single tasking was the key to the perfect society and the cure for the woes of Social Security – now I don’t have to retire.

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