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Jim DemintDear Jim:

I know that you and I haven’t been exactly close since you had your personal, life-changing experience – discovering your one true god of campaign money and power. I know that even before that you seldom sought my advice, nor have I offered it,  but you crossed another line today by stating:

We saw within a few days that this President was going to be heavy-handed, he was going to implement his agenda and pay back his political allies, and it just went on from there to ObamaCare and then to Dodd-Frank. It has been the most anti-business and I consider anti-American administration in my lifetime. Things that are just so anathema to the principles of freedom, and everything he has come up with centralizes more power in Washington, creates more socialist-style, collectivist policies. This president is doing something that’s so far out of the realm of anything Republicans ever did wrong, it’s hard to even imagine.

Jim, I realize that you have had little recent experience interacting with people outside your clan to allow you to understand that Americans could vote differently than you, but they did. Our president, yours and mine, was democratically elected by a majority of Americans – even the Republican justices of the Supreme Court have said so – just as you were in South Carolina, at least the first time. By the way, I’ve been meaning to write and tell you that I thought what you did in the last election by getting your supporters to get Alvin Greene on the ballot was down right Machiavellian. I always believed you had it in you.

But, don’t you think it was just a wee bit hypocritical to say in 2007 that what Romney did in passing medical care for all in Massachusetts was “something that I think we should do for the whole country” and now that it has been passed, today you characterize President ObamaCare as “anti-business… socialist-style, collectivist policies”?

And, Jim, just what is your problem with Dodd-Frank? Is it just pandering to your donor base? Is your homophobia bothering you again? Or did you forget what happened under George W. Bush on Wall Street? Do you not remember that those abuses led to the worst recession in our nation in 80 years? Aren’t any of your friends or constituents among the 10-25 million under or unemployed? Did you forget that you are in Washington to fix things that are broken – and that Wall Street was and is broken? For god’s sake, Jim, are you suggesting that nothing should have been done? That no changes should have been made? Dodd-Frank is not “anti-business,” at its very best, it is sort of, pro-people, but not really. The rules for, which you have work so hard to undermine. I’m all for faith in religion, but faith-based regulation of greed has undermined the full faith and credit of the United States Government – you say it is an “anathema to the principles of freedom.” I suggest we can’t have freedom without it. And what’s this whole thing about tying it to President Obama? He didn’t write it. He just signed it. Dodd-Frank was written the way all bills are in Washington, by Congressional aids, with input from both parties’ most favored lobbyists.

Jim, presidents signing bills isn’t “heavy-handed” or “pay back.”  Signing bills is what presidents do. In eight years, W only vetoed bills about children’s health insurance (twice), water conservation, veterans’ care, defense appropriations, Katrina recovery, education funding, stem care research (twice) – by the way, did you happen to see the big break through using t-cells, which are derived from stem cells, that cured chronic lymphocytic leukemia and may soon be used for ovarian cancer? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

“This president is doing something that’s so far out of the realm of anything Republicans ever did wrong.” Come on Jim, surely, you do not mean to characterize the providing a little medical insurance and a little financial regulation for those without it, with Bush’s sins of lying to go to war, kidnapping, torture and subverting the Constitution? As you say, “it’s hard to even imagine.”

But to the main point, at least the main spin from your statement, in which you say that you consider President Obama’s the most “anti-American administration in my lifetime.” Jim, your statement is more anti-American than anything you suggest. We are at war. At least three wars.  Our President is proudly saluted as Commander-in-Chief by more than a million brave men and women in uniform. You defame them by your attack. You, who deferred out of the draft during Vietnam, should be ashamed.

Jim, your statements today are just plain stupid. I know you were talking to your base, but I also know you are not stupid. It does make me wonder, however, what your motives could be? Why would you say something so stupid? Could it be… was it because… Jim, are you still trying to get attention? Did you feel that you were being upstaged by the Iowa debate? Listen, we all know that your brother was the popular one and that you have always tried to be like him. But your brother isn’t popular because he says stupid, outrageous things, mean-spirited, un-American things. Your brother is popular because he likes people. Try it, it might work for you, too. You might start right there in South Carolina. There are people who need help and things that need being done that only the government can do. We are in trouble in this country. We need leaders who can and will help.

Please remember me to Debbie and your mom.


Lee Leslie

Lee Leslie

Lee Leslie

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