Southern Politics

Only sixteen so far this year from Brunswick on the coast to, most recently, Stockbridge and Atlanta. In Stockbridge it was the High Trust Bank that let people down and in Atlanta it was One Georgia Bank that got acquired by an outfit called Ameris. If it seems like there’s not been a lot of fuss and bother, it may just be that the FDIC is working like it ought.

Though, a report on, which insists that it’s absolutely not to be rewritten and redistributed, claims that Ameris of Moultrie, Georgia got a big chunk of money from the TARP (Toxic Asset Relief Program) that’s supposedly been such a flop.

Well, that’s if the media are to be believed. They may be wrong. Indeed, their wrongness may account for why according to the latest Gallup poll, President Obama continues to enjoy approval ratings that both Presidents Reagan and Clinton would have liked after two and a half years on the hot seat.

Frank Newport, editor in chief of the Gallup Poll, says he doesn’t understand it and will be “conducting research” to get better answers. Newport probably doesn’t understand, either, that those safety-nets the Republicans keep wanting to cut holes into don’t just catch the aged and needy and helpless, they help support all those people who care for them and provide all the services needed to make them comfortable in their old age. Some of us can still remember when women were expected to deliver child-care and elder-care services without compensation. Everything’s relative.


Monica Smith

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