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Like many of you, I Blog, post to twitter, reddit, facebook, digg, google, etc. in my effort to ‘Stop the Madness’ that is rampant in America and especially bad here in the south we call home.

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But, is it enough? I think not when I talk to people while going about life. In Alabama where I live, Mobile, the grassroots people are complacent. The common, grassroots, people are unlike you and I in that they have little hope and are in need of leaders to organize them for the battles we face today and in the future to 2012 and beyond.

I find it amazing and disheartening that here in the south that I love so much and that so many patriots have shed their blood and given their lives for the simple ideas of freedom and liberty, that the middle class and poor are second class citizens! We don’t have to look hard to see where our GOP majority representatives are sacrificing the programs that mean the most to us, education and health care.

Why does the populace of the south stand for it? We all know, it is the messages of misinformation and hate that brings religion, bigotry, racism into the realm of politics while the purveyors of hate leave out that they are raising taxes on those who can afford it the least while allowing the mega-corporations and top -2% wage earners in America get away with tax breaks and loopholes. We can’t do much with these radicals and elite who selfishly rape the wealth of our nation while not contributing their fair share.

Meanwhile the downtrodden everyday grassroots citizen stumbles about lost with the resolve that there is nothing they can do! This is where we must expand our efforts if we are to ever succeed in turning our red states blue so they can prosper and enter into the 21st century of equality, liberty and freedom to pursue the American Dream!

We must expand our efforts into a Grassroots Effort reaching out into the neighborhoods of the poor, this is where our numbers are in the south, organizing efforts to register voters, holding community meetings to get more involved and getting those who support our Progressive view who can afford it to contribute with printing and other expenses to raise the army of Progressives that will make the difference. Our Democratic Party is not doing enough, so if we want our effort to succeed we have to.

All we have to do is lead at the grassroots level and restore a glimmer of hope…

Bill Hamm

Bill Hamm

An American concerned about the corruption and the far right direction the US is moving in. The Forest a Progressive Political Blog: I am on facebook here:

  1. Bill, it’s “unlike you and ME”, but I do agree with you on so many points.

  2. People need to feel important. Believe it or not, pot-luck-picnics are one way to make people feel important. Bringing food to share lets people show they care and that every little bit helps. I propose that we plan a summer of picnics right into the fall and, if there aren’t any grass roots political candidates recruit some.
    That’s my prescription.

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