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Louie Favorite captures a moment out of chaos in a flicker of a second, distilling human emotion on the street. The faces that randomly pass us by unnoticed are revealed to us, telling a more complete story of complexity in a world where we insulate ourselves from a cacophony of humanity.

Quiet and attuned to the individual in the masses, his photography is as much instinct as art, composing from the hip, an unnoticed observer bringing dispatches from our least suspecting moments. We walk along the street revealing our inner thoughts to no one, or so we imagined, until confronted with the evidence produced by a photographer of his uncanny skill.

The beauty in the images is the pure unaffected perspective of the photographer, reveling in the moment with a constant curiosity about the human condition. Humble behind the lens, his process is to capture the subject in a true reflection, not crossing the line into exploitation.

Photographs from his two tours in Iraq, travels abroad, and over thirty years of photography for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution all share a singular vision that gathers in light the unsuspecting moments of introspection we present at our most vulnerable and public moments.

Influenced by the decisive moment style of Henri Cartier Bresson and imbued with a gift of compassion, Louie combines pathos and art into a singular style of street photography. He captures us unaware in private thought and holds a mirror to our world.

Louie began his career as a photographer for a tiny Titusville, Florida newspaper, capturing local life in images that, he says, were clipped and saved with magnets on refrigerator doors. He soon moved to the Atlanta paper — more refrigerators, more magnets. That magnetic attraction turned our appliances into galleries.

Now, finally, the photographs are hanging in a proper space, matted and framed. The effect for the viewer is like the magnet on the refrigerator door, holding us still as we discover ourselves through the lives of others, frozen in moments of complete innocence.

A solo exhibit of Louie Favorite’s street photography is on display at Georgia Peremiter College’s Deans Hall Gallery at their Decatur campus through May 31st

The photographs from top taken in Atlanta, Iraq and Paris.

Billy Howard

Billy Howard

Billy Howard is a commercial and documentary photographer with an emphasis on education and global health.

  1. Since the price of gas has gone so high, I’ve curtailed visits back to Atlanta. But Billy just gave me a reason to fill up my tank and get up there, even if I have to go to Title Pawn to fund the trip! I’ve been a fan of Louie’s work since the late 1970s.

  2. Thanks, Billy, for calling attention to this exhibit. Favorite Louie at Perimeter. My cousin is in town this weekend and Sunday may prove to be the afternoon that we go see his pix. Gita, if you need “gas money, let me know!

  3. Wonderful salute to a wonderful man, from one sharp-eyed artist to the other. Congratulations to Louie, and thank you, Billy.

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