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I’m in awe of Rand Paul; the man must have the hide of a rhinoceros. He was sent to Washington after convincing the voters of Kentucky that he believed in the same god that they did – though he seems less fearful of divine retribution – and was going to spend his time there to force the Career Politicians to Cut Spending, Balance The Budget and return the country to the Golden Days, those presumably being whenever it was that the Clan Paul consolidated its position. He also railed against Vested Interests and Taxation and politicians who Weren’t Doing what they were Elected To Do.

So what’s the lad doing now? Well for one, he’s touring the country to promote his new book, The Tea Party Goes To Washington. Apparently he’s already got things in the capital so well organized that he doesn’t need to be there all the time, leaving himself more time for really important stuff, like promoting Rand Paul and demonstrating true Family Values and Christian Humility by telling us that he wouldn’t run for President against Paul the Elder.

The book is apparently getting plenty of support in Louisville, Kentucky. Google it and you’ll find that it’s available for purchase from teevee station WHAS11 Louisville which quite shamelessly states, under the banner “Rand Paul’s book available for purchase”:

Posted on February 22, 2011 at 5:23 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Rand Paul’s book promoting tea party principles, was released Tuesday.

The Kentucky Republican’s book, “The Tea Party Goes to Washington,” lays out the tea party platform for limited government and balanced budgets.

Paul, a Bowling Green eye doctor, shook up Kentucky’s Republican establishment last year when he won the GOP Senate nomination with the support of tea party activists and other conservatives.

Paul railed against deficit spending and federal bailouts in defeating Democrat Jack Conway in the fall election.

Paul’s father is Ron Paul, a libertarian-leaning Texas congressman and former presidential candidate.

Click here to purchase your copy of Sen. Rand Paul’s book.

(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

I wonder if Associated Press knows it’s supporting the Senator?

The Gold Tooth Award? In Australia there’s an expression with a meaning hard to define but self explanatory. “As flash as a rat with a gold tooth”, flash meaning showy, gaudy, ostentatious. There are variations. A political commentator covering an official function over which former Prime Minister John Howard was presiding described the then leader as looking “as smug as a rat with an umbrella”.

Frank Povah

Frank Povah

Arriving in the USA in late 2008, Frank Povah moved to Stamping Ground, Kentucky in mid 2009. Passionate about the written and spoken word and constantly bewildered by non-verbs and neo-nouns, Frank trained as a typesetter - though he has worked at many things - and later branched out into proofreading, writing and editing. For many years he has been copy editor, consultant and columnist with a prestigious Australian quarterly along with running his own editorial and typesetting business. His other interests are many and include traditional music, especially that of the south, folklore, natural history, and pigeons.

  1. ‘Tis good to be amused and I thank ye. However, if one considers that we send politicians to Washington as stewards of our resources and assets, currently denominated in money for convenience, and money is to be spent, then the promise not to spend is akin to withholding dinner from the young. Moreover, if the reason there’s no dinner is because Dad left the money at the pub or “lost” it playing pool, then no dinner on the table is abuse.
    Now, there does seem to be a new legal theory about in the land which asserts that, when it comes to human rights (to speak, to assemble, to perambulate, to reproduce, etc.), rights voluntarily surrendered — e.g. by military recruits — are no longer subject to being abused. So, under this theory, in voting for Rand Paul, the citizens of Kentucky gave up the right to expect their assets to be used on their behalf. They, in effect, agreed to be deprived. “Ripped off” is another word for it.
    Actually, this theory is not really new. It’s the same theory that justified women being bound unto death by their promise to love, honor and obey. So, now that woman have thrown off the shackles of a life-time commitment to abuse, there’s naturally an effort to extend subordination over a wider population — make everyone more equal in being deprived of their rights.
    See, that’s the downside of equality. Everybody can be made worse off.

  2. Frank Povah

    A note to Dewbious readers. I didn’t originally include the jacket of Paul’s Epistle to the Gullible, believing that it needed no free publicity from me. And nor did I include the link to aforesaid book. The editor has included them for reasons that editors do these things. I must say, though, I love the tightened belt on the Capitol. I presume it refers to the now straitened circumstances in which San Paul – the Apsostle of the New Austerity – finds himself, his income and perks as a non-career politician no doubt now less than they were when he was a just a simple country eye doctor.

    It is better to publish than to burn.

  3. Frank, good to see you back. Well it’s no secret that I view all politicians as snakes. Sure many start out as harmless green snakes but the DC snake pit soon changes them all into vipers. To me, a pure writer, the real issue here is how politicians and celebrities so easily get book contracts to spew their venom all over the place. I see that Center Street published Paul’s book. Submit a decent non-fiction book proposal to them and see what happens. My guess is nothing, unless you are an ideologue, star, pro athlete, or a fellow who just killed six people and now intend to write about why society inadvertently made you a killer. What a sorry state the publishing world is in these days. Why I bet Thomas Paine couldn’t get Common Sense published today!

  4. I’da held off on bestowing that coveted award just a tad longer, Frank. The year is young, and I feel sure that other contenders will emerge who are even more worthy.
    Now, you may say, “Gita, who are you to say this award was given prematurely?”
    And I would reply, “One who lives in Alabama. That makes me somewhat of an expert in gold dentistry.”

  5. Frank Povah

    Oh it’s just an Occasional Award, Gita me luvverly china. There is no set date – I’ll hand out as many or as few as the occasion warrants. I expect though that the demand for gold fang furbishings will force the price of that overrated commodity even higher. Perhaps these people are secretly sponsored by Rio Tinto?

    G’day Tom – and thanks. Can you imagine Twain or Dickens being published today? Progressive, liberal tripe. Trouble is of course that Rubbish Mudguts has big shares in most of the publishing houses that once were.

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