Southern Wealth

You may not know of the dark conspiracy abroad in the land, from the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with plastic and chemical foam. But surely you are feeling the consequences.

I have been to the heartland of America, I have talked to the Man in the street and the Woman in the supermarket. Brace yourself for a shock, for I will use some of the actual quotes that define the heart of the conspiracy as I tell you of it.

This is the gist: those who have worked to make their lives richer will have it all taken away to be given to someone “who has not worked but decided to download babies so they can get mo (sic) money, quit school, get on drugs, on & on ad nauseum.” You read correctly: the poor, disabled, uneducated and disenfranchised have organized to destroy our great nation and take the rightful earnings of everyone else. Those ingrates!

Credit: Margaret Bourke-White, (Creative Commons)

Who knew? By (insert your god name here), I was gobsmacked! It’s devious, nefarious, and brilliant. That the one-fourth of the population with no real income, no reliable transportation, no jobs and in many cases no housing has been able to organize such an audacious conspiracy to defraud and defund the entire country is nothing short of – what’s the word? – incredible?

But I have heard from the reliable parties of the Tea variety that this is indeed the case. Read this aloud with me: “If the government would stop stealing from those who work to make their lives richer & giving it to these dumb (expletive deleted) then maybe they will stay in school, NOT download babies at the drop of a hat & then they can go to work for those fat cat companies & get some of their money to live on instead of taking it from those who DO work for those fat cat companies and support themselves.”

Here’s the zinger that really makes it clear that there is a conspiracy in the land: “American wealth belongs to those who MADE it, not some deadbeat who feel(s) he/she DESERVES it just because they were born. What did they do to earn it?” The logic here is searing. There’s no possible way to argue with this kind of precision thinking: people who expect to have a life just because they were born don’t deserve it unless they work for it. So dead obvious only a fool would disagree.

Forget for a moment that 12% of the populace control more than 70% of “American wealth”*. Forget that people do not become wealthy because they are equal in every way and compete on a level playing field. Forget that advantage and connection have any place in success. Then you can clearly see that Darwinism must prevail in American life (well, except in education, because we all know evolution is wrong, like all science).

Nonetheless, this small part of the American people we call “the poor” (and for more reasons than one, apparently) is fully involved in nothing short of a secret insurrection, traitors to the land that gave them every opportunity. My horror is hardly containable.

Downloading babies (didn’t see that feature on my cable, must just be for poor people). Choosing not to be employed and be on welfare by refusing to take any of the millions of jobs that are readily available. Driving up healthcare costs by not buying health insurance policies. If we really looked into it, they probably created 9/11 to further damage the economy, and you know they created the banking crisis by buying MacMansions they couldn’t really afford.

Hell, they deserve to be homeless. There’s probably not a single one of them who is educated, disabled, traumatized or even hungry. Furthermore, they’re probably growing plenty of nutritious food in those dumpsters and under those highway bridges. And have you seen the gardens at those homeless shelters? We need to take steps now to starve them out and exterminate them. Cut off their subsidies.

We all know people who aspire to be ignorant, live rough and have a poor diet. Why should we pay their way?

On an odd note no one could tell me: how soon after the “poor” are gone will the rest of us be better off financially?

*88% work for a share of 30%. That seems fair.

Glenn Overman

Glenn Overman

Glenn Overman doesn't share much personal information not because he doesn't like or trust you personally, but because some of those people reading over your shoulder are just whacked. He's been everywhere, but he lives in NE FL and is fond of saying, "It's not the heat, it's the stupidity."

  1. You left out the rest of the equation: the ultrarich deserve to be so and to ship jobs overseas and to have huge tax breaks because they earned it!
    Excellent piece once again

  2. Frank Povah

    According to Suze Orman (on NBC this week ), the way we can all get ourselves out of trouble is to spend less, not use credit and put more in the bank.

    I see now how wrong my thinking was. I always thought a booming economy depended on us going into debt by spending money we don’t have on stuff we don’t need so that manufacturers could relocate their factories (and bank accounts) in foreign countries and make lots more profits on which they don’t pay tax and then the benefits would trickle down to us people who have to buy the stuff and, for those who still have jobs, pay income tax and – along with the unemployed – sales tax.

    To mangle a scene from Pogo:

    Pogo: How far away is Tea Party headquarters?

    Albert Alligator: Dodgin’ garbage and parked cars, ’bout ‘leven hunnert miles.

    Pogo: D’you think it might be a tad too far up the crik to be in touch with us mortal critters here in the estuary?

    Come back Walt Kelly: we need you.

  3. Tom Ferguson

    I like to quote Gore Vidal: “To get people to constantly vote against their own interests is manipulation of the highest order.”

  4. Racism and progressivism fit hand-in-glove. Progressives insist upon the inferiority of social groups to convince otherwise free people they need progressive political protection. Progressives seek to gain economic allocations through coercive political outcomes — court orders, taxation or direct economic transfers — rather than willing trade and exchange of value for value among free people.
    Ultimately, progressives attempt to convince people they are victims of an illegitimate social hierarchy. Progressives insist the hierarchy is illegitimate because it is racist, sexist, homophobic … and so on. In reality, the hierarchy is illegitimate to progressives because of progressives’ perverted notion of “work.” To progressives, work is “organizing,” i.e., filing lawsuits, carrying signs, signing petitions and publicly agitating their grievances against private wealth and capital. To progressives, work is NOT developing superior technology, investing in productive enterprise and taking financial risks to raise our standard of living.Those are the true activites of private capital. To progressives, such activities are the illegitimate hierarchy’s pretense to facilitate their racist conspiracy to subjugate “the least among us.” It is utter bollocks.
    Progressives seek to convince “the least among us” problems with bills, health and safety are not their fault and can be solved by dismantling the illegitimate social hierarchy. Progressives slander private, productive interests to “organize” a movement to petition the government to confiscate private citizens’ wealth. Progressives offer promises to their followers of “fairness” and free healthcare, green jobs and the usual claptrap. Progressives probably know they will never need to deliver upon these as they have not for 70 years or so.
    The worst political outcome for progressives would be for Americans to acknowledge that institutional racism has largely disappeared from our society. As indeed racism has done. Rather than recognize this obvious fact, progressives invest their time attempting to connect fringe bigots to progressives’ mainstream political opponents (those favoring private property, trade and exchange) and label opposition political agendas as heretical lunacy (when, in reality, progressivism is political lunacy, QED). Progressives seek to make a crime of racism and bigotry — which, whether you like it or not — are private thoughts by private individuals and not subject to criminal inquiry by the state. Progressives know once they can adjudicate bigoted thought crimes, it’s only a small step to connect private capital to racist thinking and thus confiscate private individual’s wealth without meaningful due process.

    1. So, Brenden, what’s the solution? Let the poor people starve? Is there no legitimacy to any system that seeks to provide a minimum standard of living for all citizens of a free society? You think that everyone in the USA right now who is wealthy got that way on their own, with no help whatsoever from the social hierarchy, and the poor are poor because of choices they’ve made? Do you really think it’s that easy?

      How can you argue that racism and bigotry are private crimes and not something to be concerned about by the state? Any crime that affects another person’s livelihood is automatically a crime of the state. You could argue the same thing about murder and assault and battery. Your right to your private thought, like your right to throw a punch, ends where my nose begins.

      Also, I live, work and go to church with oodles of progressives, who spend a LOT of time working doing things like…oh…teaching, helping immigrants, bottling colas, designing buildings, selling things, etc. etc. Where did you get the notion that all progressives want is to take money from the wealthy to give it to the undeserving poor?

      I’m not trying to be smug or smart. I honestly want to have some sort of dialogue with people who disagree with me. But I don’t understand what you’re saying.

      Surely you’re not insisting that our social hierarchies are completely fair and free of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. etc.?

  5. Progressive arrogance is insufferable because they assume – but do not convince – that progressives are the protector of the butcher, baker and candlestick-maker. And that working-class labor who opposes them “votes against their own interests,” as the tiresome “What’s the Matter with Kansas” meme goes. People with basic morals and common sense know that when a citizen consumes a valuable product or service, they will have to pay for it. Further, if the government offers to provide it “for free” to them, it will come with some strings attached. At least, a common sense citizen knows that writing a check to one Washington bureaucracy to be allocated by a legislature, approved by an executive and then delivered by a local office of another, separate bureaucracy is probably a costly and cumbersome way to obtain a valued product or service. Like, say, healthcare. Progressives overcome common sense by attempting to convince workers that capital is sub-optimally allocated; that there are rich people who don’t “deserve” the wealth they possess and therefore it should be taken from them and given “to the least among us.” But rarely the resource gets to “the least among us” because it goes to secondary mortgage markets, cush public sector labor jobs and lawyers.

    Common sense people realize it’s none of their business whether Warren Buffett has $50 million or $50 billion. As long as he obtained legally as an investor to raise all our standards of living, we should not begrudge him his success. All progressives have to offer are grudges and victimization. I think most of would prefer to work for a living and then save up for a few shares of Berkshire rather than spend all day in shabby denim holding a sign in front of the capital to beg the state for “our fair share.”

    More to the point, the statement, “Your right to your private thought, like your right to throw a punch, ends where my nose begins.” With whom do you propose I shall register my future private thoughts? Unwittingly, you give voice to progressivism’s ultimate goal: to be the arbiters of appropriate speech and thought. This is, more or less, the Soviet model. Those who do not hold appropriate private thoughts – or are merely accused of it – need to be “re-educated” in the gulag. Well said.

  6. Billy Howard

    You are the pot calling the kettle black. Diane opened the door to genuine dialog, which is anything but arrogant, and you shut it down with your closed minded insufferable arrogance. Nicely played Brenden. I won’t cause you more suffering by my arrogant ideas about how the people who work in the factories, schools, businesses and on and on, helping to create a wealthy society should also share in that wealth. Of course, all riches to those that control the politicians they payed for….

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