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My America does not give up on her children, her  poor, her hungry, her unemployed, her elderly.

My America defeated European Imperialism, fascism, nazism and Japanese imperialism; then rebuilt the economies of Europe and Asia, including those of her enemies, following a terrible war that my America largely financed, and finished.

My America built the strongest, richest, most creative society in the modern world; established principles of social justice emulated in many countries. And while my America has not always been noble, she has always been proud. And responsible.

They tell me my America is dying. She cannot afford to look after her people. She cannot afford to educate her children. She cannot afford to care for the soldiers who carried her in their hearts to the battlefields of the world and sacrificed lives, limbs, families and finances for her honor. They say my America can no longer afford social justice; can no longer afford to be a great nation.

I know better. You know better. The world knows better.

150 years ago, my America was a house divided. The world looked to her to fail. But she prevailed. If my America fails it will be from an enemy within that usurps the ideal of the equality and value of humankind.

70 years ago, my America was where she is now––brought low by greed and arrogance. Those who most benefited from her forsook her. They raped and pillaged her promise, forgot her common people. But my America shouldered the burden of caring for her people and created a new society that reached out to all. She grew and prospered. She entered a second great world war that threatened to end the good in the world. And she won. Again.

After that war, she took on another enemy of liberty, an enemy called communist tyranny. An enemy behind an iron curtain symbolized by a great wall that divided Germany. My America brought down that wall. She had built a culture and an ideal like none before. And everyone wanted some part of it.

My America is a place where commerce, individualism, liberty, social justice and creativity have always fought through adversity to thrive. And nothing has changed but the minds and attitudes of the few who control my America today. Today the usurpers have returned.

They tell us our America can not care for her poor, her hungry, her huddled masses. They tell us our America cannot provide the Medical care and social security we have paid for so dearly over  decades.

They tell us we cannot protect the homes or the property we own from usury and cynical manipulation of our freedoms.

This is true only because they have made it so. And we let them. The people we have elected, the corporations we have enriched, those we have given our sacred trust, our lives, the sweat of our brows, the fruit of our loins, the power of our minds; they have forsaken us. Forsaken our land and our future. And by distracting us from real issues, they convinced us to allow it.

I want my America back. The one that overcame everything, that built the truly great nation that struggled to become worthy of valor and belief. The one they tell us has failed.

Today, my America is fighting for her life and continued existence. An existence my Father, a pilot and a member of the “greatest generation” volunteered his life to help prevail. It saddens me to be part of the generation that will abandon and disassemble the greatest experiment in freedom in the history of the world. It saddens me to watch my America fail to educate her children and fulfill her promises to her people and the world. I have real trouble understanding how my America has come to this place. And then I look at those who lead us. And how they deceive us.

Why are we here? Thomas Jefferson said, “Experience has shewn that even under the best forms of government, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” So, here we are.

Will we regain our American birthright?  In my America we must. It starts when we stand together, no matter how they try to separate us. My America–and yours–requires that we prevail.

We are under assault in every governing body. Will you resist?

Glenn Overman

Glenn Overman

Glenn Overman doesn't share much personal information not because he doesn't like or trust you personally, but because some of those people reading over your shoulder are just whacked. He's been everywhere, but he lives in NE FL and is fond of saying, "It's not the heat, it's the stupidity."

  1. You’re right. Resistance has begun. The Wisconsin capitol police refused the order to force citizens to leave the building. Later, a judge enjoined the order. Illegal orders are not to be followed. Crime under cover of law must not prevail.
    Our major media may not report it, but commentators on Al Jazeera seem to be of one opinion that there is now only one super power, the United States, and that is why the peoples of the Middle East feel empowered to resist the dictators that have held them in thrall.
    Sometimes our major media are really slow.

  2. Frank Povah

    I’m sorry, Glenn, while I agree with much of what you say, remember that for many decades your America also stood by and did nothing while the rich and powerful crushed – even murdered – workers who sought the right to organize themselves into labor unions and sought better terms of employment.

    Listen to your people’s music, read their literature; both resonate with the pain of injustice and the struggles against it. Social justice is not Naziism, nor is it communism but neither is it the particular brand of capitalism that is touted as what made America great. It made some of it rich, but the real greatness is in its little people, who fought and are still fighting for their dignity.

  3. Glenn Overman

    No worries, Mate. I can cite you chapter and verse of the transgressions, and, in fact, one of my present concerns is that we’ll soon see another Bonus Army or Kent State debacle to put down the rabble. My America is an idea and a promise, and I love her, warts and all. Because she is better than this. Back when we had public schools, they taught me that. By putting us in that fictional, idealized world all day I presume they thought we might practice our nation’s principles when we grew. Dead solid wrong from much of what I see. But a boy needs his fantasies.

  4. I was thinking just the other day of the America in which I grew up. It was rather safe, good living for a middle class kid. Few problems of which I was aware except the polio outbreak that struck our neighborhood. Then, alas, I grew up. I worked at Grady Memorial Hospital and learned all anyone would want to know about racial prejudice, Saturday night wars, the misery of Buttermilk Bottom.

    I came to understand that my Dad was not an alcoholic because of a biological defect, but because of the pain induced on him by an abusive father and the horrors he endured in the European Campaign of WWII. The poor man had severe PTSD that killed him at age 52.

    My grandmother died while living at my Mother’s home receiving the best care we could provide with our limited physical and mental resources because nothing else was available for her. I struggled often working two or even three jobs to get through college.

    In spite of all of that, I love America deeply and willingly put myself in harms way to protect her. Having said that, I’m not sure those years gone by were anything to be saught after. We can, should, must do better if we are to prevail as a nation.

    And I quote a great philosopher, “That’s all I have to say about that!”

  5. Really, I gotta ask you folks: why don’t progressives ever worry about concrete things like deficits, employment, profits, taxation, energy, current accounts, interest rates, regulation, radical Islam or any other meaningfully-definable social issue? It is impossible to have a discussion with a progressive about, say, pollution because your solution is simply “green energy!” and “green jobs!” then “everything will pay for itself.” Like we could just shut down all the coal plants tomorrow and replace them with windmills and carbon credits. Then everyone can ride their bicycles to their $100k medical marijuana jobs to give away government weed to impoverished single mothers. Let’s shut down all drilling in the gulf and import toxic Chinese florescent light bulbs made by 10-year-old girls. Social justice and equality for all!
    I mean, Jeez… just so frustratingly ignorant of just the most basic danged elementary, practical thinking. Progressives constantly complain about religious interference but their ideology reflects so many false precepts and contradictions that it makes Catholicism seem like Newtonian physics.
    It’s all “social justice” with you people. What is your view of social justice other than for people who don’t work to take the wealth of people who do work? And why don’t you recognize how horrible that is? And why do you insist on yet more social justice when the vast largesse you’ve already agitated for has apparently not solved any of the problems you’ve been complaining about for 70 effing years? Progressives complain there’s no progress so it’s time to stop (or try, maybe, liberty and economic freedom). You talk about all these human rights and grievances as if they were something that was passed by a legislature. Not so. And I don’t care: the UN, DC “Shadow Government” and Berkeley City Council don’t count.
    “Resistance has begun” indeed. Seems a few people who favor practical solutions, sensibly limited government and common sense budgeting have found some non-progressive constituencies favorably disposed to their ideas. More people need to resist similarly. Progressives of course slander these heretics as racists to defend their plunder. After all, what if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton had to work instead of “organize”? I am not optimistic that progressives en masse won’t again be taken in by the charlatans who exploit their ignorance. Barack Hussein Obama is busily amassing a campaign war chest of a $1 billion or more. Now he can drop “hope and change” from bombers.

  6. Tom Ferguson

    there’s been a huge propaganda campaign funded by the wealthy class ever since union organizing got successful, whose object is to convince average citizens that the agenda the wealthy favor benefits all… lots of right wing think tanks funded, lots of right wing politician’s campaigns enriched… lots of progressive politicians demonized and attackted with big money, ALL major media owned by said class, determining of course who works there, those with the proper “beliefs” as writers & anchors, talk show hosts,… so if one’s view of how things work exactly coincides with what their propaganda campaign aims to instill… shouldn’t that give one pause to re-examine one’s conclusions? Michael Parenti’s book, Superpatriotism, is a good place to start.

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