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Liam Neeson plays a jet-set doctor who loses his passport, loses his indentity, and then losses his wife, but will it lose your attention while watching it ?

Liam Neeson plays Martin Harris , an angry and out-of-control doctor who struggles to get his identity, wife, and mind back in Unknown.

This action-driven movie does, at times, look like something you might see from ‘The Bourne Identity’ series, but it’s not. The movie is all about Neeson losing and then gaining his memory back. After an accident he gets a case of amnesia while visiting Berlin, and is strangely forgotten by his wife, played by the lovely January Jones. Then he becomes a target of some bad guys in the streets of Berlin, and seeks the help of his taxi driver, played by Diane Kruger.

There are some great car chases and there is a bit of psychological intrigue. There is definitely a twist in the movie, I think it is effective to a certain extent. Notable mentions in the movie include Aidan Quinn and Frank Langella in supporting roles.

Unknown, though it’s not for everyone, does show that Neeson still has box office charisma and star power. The film does tend to take us out of the realm of reality every once in a while. Somehow things do sort themselves out by the time the credits roll. Neeson and Kruger do have good chemistry on screen. The only thing I was hoping for was a better script. Unknown is a pretty decent thriller but it could have been a great one with some script revisions.

I give Unknown three out of five. I would recommend this movie for a little escapism from the world, but the plot does border on ridiculous as the movie rolls along.

Brett Martin

Brett Martin

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