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Two titans of the Romantic Comedy genre collide to make a movie together. Is it a Jennifer Aniston romcom movie or an Adam Sandler romcom ? I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

Adam Sandler has always played the average man’s man very well, but really, capturing the heart of Jennifer Aniston ? That’s a bit of a stretch. Sandler plays a plastic surgeon who’s best friend and assistant just happens to be Aniston. He is a single guy looking for love and she is a single mom with two kids. One day he meets the girl of his dreams, Brooklyn Decker, my goodness. Sandler asks Aniston to help him win Decker over by playing the ‘fake ex’, and spin one big lie after another.

The best performance comes from Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman, who steals every scene as Aniston’s school nemesis. Sandler and Aniston do have some chemistry on camera and, even though they aren’t a couple for most of the film, you do see where this movie is going from the very beginning.

Despite a pretty funny supporting performance from Nicole Kidman and a decent amount of chemistry between its two leads, Just Go With It is a laugh-free comedy that never really comes to life. Even those two kids don’t bring the laughs. Its too long, the script is lazy, and it’s not really funny. I have interviewed Aniston and Sandler many times and know first hand that they are both really nice people but, really, this film doesn’t do them any favors.

The Flick-o-meter gives this 2 out of five. I wanted to really like this film but even though the title says to “Just go with it”…I can’t. As Adam Sandler movies go this film is largely disappointing with few laughs, but as Jennifer Aniston movies go, its not that bad. Now you know before you go.

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Brett Martin

Brett Martin

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