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The teen pop star with the trademark mop top wants to take over the world. Justin Bieber’s latest project is, at the movies. Will you catch the Bieber fever ?

I have never been a big fan of teen pop. Monkees, David Cassidy, Leif Garret, Donny Osmond, Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus… I am not of fan of any of them, from any era. This Justin Beiber kid, with his film Justin Beiber: Never Say Never is a cut above other teen pop stars. Musically I am not a fan but this film does hold up a mirror to our society that is obviously in the midst of a pre-teen genuine youthquake.

Basically Never Say Never is a concert movie packed with home videos and audition tapes. The interviews with his entourage of helpers makes this quite an interesting “behind the music” film.

Even the most cynical of you out there may end up being Beiber believers after seeing this film. He comes from a humble background, he has strong family ties and a dedicated Christian faith. He is the first pop star to become famous via Youtube and he is not a biproduct of the Disney/Nickelodeon teeny pop factory.

This movie, though its not for everyone, is a film that everyone can see. Some people in your family may enjoy it more than others and that, in my opinion, is worth the price of admission. This energetic portrait of the global superstar as a normal teenager from small-town Canada, works. The Flick-o-meter gives Justin Beiber: Never say Never a four out of five. It runs about 15 minutes too long but really, when it’s the true story about a kid who never gave up on his dreams, who cares how long it is, right ?

Brett Martin

Brett Martin

Brett is a 20 years veteranof broadcast tv news as an anchor, reporter, producer, and photographer. He now has a new company, Brett Martin Productions, that expands into the online world . He makes high end commercials for real estate clients and continues to be a film critic and a member of the BFCA,  broadcast film critics association. Brett has met and interviewed just about every A-list star in Hollywood. If you have any questions or ideas...please contact Brett. [email protected]

  1. Interesting perspective … for teens. No way that Bieber will show the staying power and versatility of that maestro Robert Plant.

  2. Brett Martin

    Tom, good point. Robert Plant is more my style as well. It is really hard to predict the future when it comes to these kind of things. I suppose many folks said the same thing about a young Robert Plant, or Michael Jackson, or Elvis for that matter.
    Yes, they are superstars but honestly, in this day and time, I don’t see anyone who comes close.
    Since I am in my mid-40’s I suppose I am set in my ways about who I like and dislike as artists.
    If there is going to be someone who has staying power, I suppose the “bieb-ster” isn’t a bad choice (considering his background).
    He just needs to change his music style and his appearance, you never know ! LOL…
    In any event, thanks for the comment.

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