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This testosterone drenched action film is filled with explosions, gun play, and hand to hand combat. Jason Statham is one mechanic who doesn’t need a tune up quite yet, in “The Mechanic”!

Adapted from the 1972 Charles Bronson film with the same name, Jason Statham takes on the role of the perfect assissination machine in “The Mechanic.”

From one fatal encounter to the other Statham lives the life of a lonely, soulless hired hitman. His only real relationship is with his mentor, played by Donald Sutherland. But when a contract goes out and a certain hit is made, The Mechanic is obligated to take in a wayward kid (played by Ben Foster) to teach him the ropes of the hit-man game.

The pairing of an elite assassin with a loose cannon screw-up does have its funny moments. This film is full of surprises and the stunts are amazing.

The theme of the movie comes from an inscription on a pistol, it says “Victory loves preparation”. This remake works like a charm because of that. Don’t underestimate this film because its one heck of an action film.

The film clocks in a little over 90 minutes so the film never overstays its welcome. The story does idle every one in a while and then jumps into action, the pacing could have used a tune up. The Flick-o-meter gives The Mechanic a respectable 3 out of five. More time in the shop to iron out the kinks and pacing would have been time well spent.

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Brett Martin

Brett Martin

Brett is a 20 years veteranof broadcast tv news as an anchor, reporter, producer, and photographer. He now has a new company, Brett Martin Productions, that expands into the online world . He makes high end commercials for real estate clients and continues to be a film critic and a member of the BFCA,  broadcast film critics association. Brett has met and interviewed just about every A-list star in Hollywood. If you have any questions or ideas...please contact Brett. [email protected]