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Oscar frontrunner Natalie Portman plays a busy young doctor who uses Ashton Kutcher, as her sex buddy. I am not making this up, one of the best young actresses of our time is in a movie with the guy from “Punk’d”.

The two play two longtime acquaintances who agree to use each other’s bodies for around-the-clock, emotion-free, sex in “No Strings Attached.” The more they have sex the more the lines are blurred on their relationship as friends. Thus a five minute plot stretches two hours with very few laughs and no chemistry.

Notable co-staring roles come from Kevin Kline, who plays Kutcher’s moronic father in the movie. Lake Bell chimes in as Kutcher’s love-sick and star-struck co-worker, and Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges plays the buddy role.

Throughout the entire movie I kept asking myself, what is Natalie Portman thinking, doing this movie ? Its raunchy, not funny, the two leads have no charisma together, and the biggest issue for me was, Ashton Kutcher ? Come on Natalie ! Then I looked at the fine print about the film. Portman just happens to be the executive producer of the film so she has no one to blame but herself.

Will this effect her Oscar standing ? Probably not. The fact of the matter is great actresses like Portman have to do silly movies like this in order to green light movies like “Black Swan.” It’s the Hollywood way. Incidentally this film was shot a few months after “Black Swan.”

As bad and unfunny as it is, it fulfills its obligations as a commercial product for the couples who want a “date movie.” Portman and Kutcher are nice people, I have spoken to both of them several times. I can’t think of two young actors going in polar opposite directions in their careers and in their personal lives.

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Brett Martin

Brett Martin

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