Vince Vaughn and Kevin James team up for a buddy movie, but is it funny ? That’s the dilemma with the new film The Dilemma.

The two play good friends with an issue. It seems as thought Vaughn’s character catches the wife of James’ character red-handed and cheating on his best buddy, thus a predicament and the title of the film.

Winona Ryder plays the cheating spouse, Jennifer Connelly plays Vaughn’s lady, and Queen Latifah co-stars as an automobile executive.

The real Dilemma for me, while watching this movie is, “is it supposed to be funny?” The material is dicey and Vaughn and James seem forced in their delivery at times. All the while the film basically strands several talented actresses who have nothing to do other than stare at Vaughn and James and their incomprehensible stupidity.

The Dilemma chews on the question : Do you ever really know someone, even your significant other ? I will spare you the forced feel-good ending but based on this movie your spouse and your best friend are, on some level, lying to you. How is that for feel good ?

Vince Vaughn and Kevin James are losing their edge and SHAME ON YOU Ron Howard. Stick to dramas, please.

Brett Martin

Brett Martin

Brett is a 20 years veteranof broadcast tv news as an anchor, reporter, producer, and photographer. He now has a new company, Brett Martin Productions, that expands into the online world . He makes high end commercials for real estate clients and continues to be a film critic and a member of the BFCA,  broadcast film critics association. Brett has met and interviewed just about every A-list star in Hollywood. If you have any questions or ideas...please contact Brett. [email protected]