Blood, gore, rock-n-roll, decapitations and illegal immigration, that is what “Machete” is all about. Director Robert Rodriguez brings on his a-game in this Mexploitation film.

Danny Trejo is big, sweaty, and tatooed and he is set on revenge in a world where action speaks louder than words. “Machete” is a man of very few words but when he does say something, someone gets killed. There is plenty of that with the help of Jessica Alba, the sexy immigration agent. Michelle Rodriguez plays a taco stand operator running an illegal network. Cheech Marin plays a shotgun loving priest. The bad guys are Steven Segal who plays a sunburned drug lord and Robert DeNiro, the bigoted southern politician who wants nothing to do with illegal immigrants. Don Johnson plays a redneck sheriff and then there is a small role from bad girl Lindsay Lohan as a pistol packing nun.

Overall “Machete” spends too much time sermonizing the political issues of illegal immigration and not enough time pushing the comedic envelope. New on DVD this week, see for yourself.

Brett Martin

Brett Martin

Brett is a 20 years veteranof broadcast tv news as an anchor, reporter, producer, and photographer. He now has a new company, Brett Martin Productions, that expands into the online world . He makes high end commercials for real estate clients and continues to be a film critic and a member of the BFCA,  broadcast film critics association. Brett has met and interviewed just about every A-list star in Hollywood. If you have any questions or ideas...please contact Brett. [email protected]

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  1. I know it’s not PC, but I’ve got to make the point that human rights are derived from our natural human attributes, one of which is to perambulate. Therefor, wandering where he wills is a natural human right and any deprivation of that right ought, in justice, be related to a prior, proven violation of someone else’s rights — not the exercise of one’s own. It’s, of course, possible to declare all sorts of natural functions illegal (ingestion, inhalation, injection, excretion, speech, association, perambulation, abortion, etc.) but that doesn’t promote justice, equity or respect for the law.

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