The Dude takes on a roll made famouse by the “Duke” in an updated film of a classic western tale that may be better than the original. Academy award winner Jeff Bridges takes on the role of Rooster Cogburn in “True Grit.” I was unsure as to whether or not Bridges could pull off playing Cogburn, a role made famous by John Wayne in 1969 but Bridges does and it stays true to the Charles Portis original story thanks to the vision of the Coen Brothers. The story is about a young woman (played by newcomer Hailee Steinfeld) who seeks justice in her fathers death. She hires Cogburn to find the bad-guys and we are off to the races. Solid performances come from Matt Damon, who plays a texas ranger and Josh Brolin, the bad guy. Its a good-guy bad-guy western with a Coen Brothers spin and a little more heart and grit. The one-eyed fat man is back and Bridges does a great job but, in my opinion, he is NOT the star of this film. Keep your eye out for Hailee Steinfeld. In a movie full of A-list actors this young woman holds her own. I’m a big fan of the old westerns and I have always appreciated the Coen Brothers style of moviemaking. Jeff Bridges is no John Wayne but I still like the Grit this movie is pushing. The Flick-o-meter gives “True Grit” four out of five…it is definitely worthy enough to be noticed by the academy.

Brett Martin

Brett Martin

Brett is a 20 years veteranof broadcast tv news as an anchor, reporter, producer, and photographer. He now has a new company, Brett Martin Productions, that expands into the online world . He makes high end commercials for real estate clients and continues to be a film critic and a member of the BFCA,  broadcast film critics association. Brett has met and interviewed just about every A-list star in Hollywood. If you have any questions or ideas...please contact Brett. [email protected]

  1. I’d give it five stars out of five, a Coen brothers masterpiece, especially the first half, when we meet characters fleshed out so realistically that we think we know them. May be in the top 25 of all moves I’ve ever seen. Worth seeing again — and soon.

    Lawyers and reporters will find themselves enthralled by the courtroom scene, and we all find ourselves straining to make sure we won’t miss any of the nuance of conversations in the horse-trader’s office or the boarding house — and I’d imagine anybody seeing it will find yourselves astonished at Bridges’ performance and the work of the young woman, Hailee Steinfeld. Matt Damon plays a Dudley Do-Right-type Texas Ranger, a bit of a caricature, but not too much.

    Again, well worth seeing again.


  2. Jack deJarnette

    I can only agree with all that has been written before. From the first few minutes I was captivated by Hailee Steinfeld and her acting skills. At the conclusion of the movie I wanted to see more. I only saw Jeff Bridges emerge from the Cogburn character a couple of times and never saw Matt Damon peek out from the Texas Ranger role. It was just a darn good movie that I will add to my DVD collection when it is available.

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