A lot of people (no one) have asked me to show them what it looks like inside my office on wheels, Honey.

She’s actually (My friend David K. hates adverbs) an office, bedroom, kitchen, bath, dining room, living room, bar and exercise room on wheels.

Because I have been parked for three days, she’s a little messy right now.

Here are some photos showing Honey in her “working” condition and Honey in travel mode. I’m about to head up I-79 to Erie and then I-90 to Rochester.

See below for the battened-down version of Honey.

Honey, aft view, before.

A partial list of stuff in the photos: Coffee pot doormat two bags of trash box of file folders hiking boots laptop norelco electric razor cigarettes lighter more cigarettes pillow battery charger orange handled clamp coffee cup reporters notebooks ashtray soap and soap dish counter top schmutz and orts ’90s era Braves tomahawk Seth Thomas office clock mini pretzel.

Shipshape Honey, ready to sail.

Partial list of stuff visible in aft-facing photo: Clock radio dirty socks unmade bed towel folding chair in bath tub gas can dirty oxford cloth button down shirt dirty wife-beater pillows bathrobe cardboard box Falcons fan towels two blue dish towels two red oven mitts soap and soap dish range range hood microwave refrigerator orange handled clamp toolbox strap for laptop bag mostly used roll of paper towels Falcons schedule sink.

Email me if you spot anything else

Central Catholic loooms

Writer Kevin Austin and Honey, his untrusty 1984 recreation vehicle, are touring universities for Austin’s upcoming book on the University Athletic Association.  If you see him, stop and help him work on Honey, or at least wave.

Excerpted from Kevin Austin’s blog:  2010 UAA Ultimate Road Trip

Kevin Austin

Kevin Austin

Kevin S. Austin is from Poncey Highland -- and proud of it, Atlanta, GA, United States. Reporter, writer, newsman, clown. Hail fellow well met.  He recently embarked on a 45-day road trip to visit each of the eight universities in the University Athletic Association and attend soccer matches at the schools for a book he is writing.