How many friends do you have?

No, not the ones on Facebook, or your e-mail lists, or even in your Blackberry® or iPhone®.

I’m talking about real friends. Friends who go out with you, to dinner, to a movie. Friends who would be there to help you in any situation with just a call from you. Friends like Ethel was to Lucy. The people who are willing to try dumb things, get in trouble with you, and be there to bail you out.

Not that many? Well, your problem has been solved.

There is a new service available, for a fee.

In many cities, worldwide, you can now go to the internet, connect to the Rent A Friend website, and for about $10 an hour per friend per hour, you can have all the friends you can afford.

When I first read about this, my immediate thought was sure, in New York or Los Angeles, or even Las Vegas, but never in my little town here in the South. The South is traditional. In the South we have real friends. There are songs about the kind of friendships we have in the South.  Friendships here are real, heartfelt, and true. Friends are not rented.

I was wrong.

I went to the Rent A Friend website, typed in my zip code and was met by the smiling face of just one of the 16 friends in my area available for rental. Sixteen! There were already 16 people listed in my area, in the South, who could be my friend for a fee. They were male. They were female. They were young. They were my age. They were willing to hang out with me doing what I like to do. They would give me business advice, heal me psychically, run errands for me, attend family functions (bless their hearts), and even walk the dog I don’t have. All for about $10 per hour, more or less.

Each of the friends on the Rent A Friend website list different interests and events they are willing to do – for a fee. Some will even waive the fee depending on the activity.

Rent A Friend is not a dating site. Rent A Friend states that their friendships are for “Platonic” friendships only. These people are available, via rental, to be your friend and do friend type things with you. If a real friendship develops, and it might, the contract is cancelled, and voila, you now have a friend to hang out with you that you don’t have to pay for. You can have a different friend for each activity. Or multiple friends

You can join Rent A Friend for $24.95 and then search for your perfect friend. You can list yourself as a friend for rent free of charge.

If social media has rendered you a recluse, or if all your current friends are imaginary, worry no more. Rent A Friend is here to solve your friendship problems.

From the life and mind of: Wanda M. Argersinger © 2010 All Rights Reserved

Wanda Argersinger

Wanda Argersinger

A writer, humorist, and motivational speaker, Wanda Argersinger was born with a purse in one hand and lipstick in the other.  She wrote her first story in 2nd grade using all of her spelling words, which brought the attention to her of the school counselors suggesting she get counseling.  An excerpt from this story:  “…mice who drink too

much and party all night long….”

As Executive Director for The Lupus Support Network, Wanda is an advocate for all Lupus patients, working diligently as a member of the Statewide Coalition for the State of Florida Department of Health Arthritis Prevention and Education Program.  She facilitates support groups in the Florida Panhandle and Southern Alabama and trains new facilitators to educate and counsel patients, plans and researches topics to be discussed at meetings.

As a published author, Wanda has wrote the book currently being used in The Lupus Support Network SLESH (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Self Help) classes, written and published a number of pamphlets on various aspects of Lupus currently being used for informational purposes at The Lupus Support Network, and My Personal Health Journal, a book sold for a patient’s use in recording and maintaining vital health information.  This book is sold nationwide and all profits go to The Lupus Support Network.  Most recently Wanda has written Y-Mee’s A-B-C Book of Emotiions and created a doll that accompanies the book, which can be purchased from or

She has also been featured in Featured in MD News Magazine, Lupus Now Magazine, Ladies in Business, the Pensacola News Journal, and the Tallahassee Democrat.

As a motivational speaker, and educator in the area of Lupus health, Wanda has been a speaker for the State of Florida Department of Health, Unlocking the Mysteries of Lupus, among numerous other organizations in Florida and South Alabama.

Wanda has been on a number of local radio talk shows with several call-in shows, and guests on many television programs.

Wanda is constantly working and actively involved in the Lupus Research Institutes National Coalition (advocating for Lupus Patients, research funding, and legislative change), as an Associate Member of the American Academy of Rheumatology, a Member of The American Chronic Pain Association, and a Member of the National Fibromyalgia Association, a Member of the National Society of Newspaper columnists, and a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

Wanda has been published in other publications including The Legend, a monthly column entitled “The Write Site,” spotlighting websites that are of interest to writers), Poetic Voices, June 1999, Emerald Coast Review, a short story and poem, and the Gulf Breeze News, as a guest columnist.

Her achievements and awards are numerous.

Currently, Wanda is busy developing her own line of greeting cards along with 2 more books and a board game for patients with Chronic Illness.  This amazing woman, with Lupus SLE herself, is the Energizer Bunny come to life, with no need of any batteries!  She will keep on giving until she falls over from the weight of her purse while wearing a great hot pink lipstick!