From PJs restaurant in downtown McDonough, Georgia, on a Friday evening:

It’s a double header on the Square tonight. New menu items! ANNND, for the evening’s entertainment, protesters in the Square! With signs (“Restore the Constitution”)!! AND GUNS!!!!! The arms they’re bearing aren’t hairy!!

And old ladies and children, with pistols and flags!!!!

And there it is!  The toddler girl waving a flag in front of the news camera.

OK. The gnarly old man has, after 25 minutes, stopped poking the reporter with his hand-as-pistol and lecturing him. The grandmother has her purse hanging from one shoulder and her gun hanging from her belt.

There are four times as many protesters now.

And it’s officially a party — they’re handing out fliers in the traffic and getting honking horns of support.

There’s a black man on the other corner with a sign that says “thank god for Obama.”

They’re marching down in front of us alongside the cupcake shop with their AK-47 and large Don’t Tread On Me flag.

The rally, sponsored by the Henry County 912 Project of the Tea Party Patriots, lasted for nearly four hours.  Afterward, some of the participants drifted into PJs … and ordered Coke.

Joni Hunnicutt

Joni Hunnicutt

Joni Hunnicutt is a music teacher and former writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Born in Weatherford, Texas, to a long line of pioneers, she grew up in Jonesboro, Georgia, and now calls Henry County home.