The Muscle Shoals Sound is a documentary about the working musicians of Muscle Shoals, a group of talented writers, performers and producers living in the musical hot bed where Aretha Franklin laid down some of her most famous tracks and the Rolling Stones came to record songs for the album ‘Sticky Fingers’. If you’re unfamiliar with the small town in northwest Alabama, it’s home to two of the world’s most legendary recording studios. This is the story of how the unique music culture of the area was born and how it remains to this day.

Matt Musick

Matt Musick

Matt grew up in Alabama and is in New York now with Vice.

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  1. Barry Hollander

    I’ll have to look out for this one. I lived about five years in the greater Florence-Muscle Shoals-Sheffield-Tuscumbia metroplex while attending college, so we got a modest dose of the muscle shoals sound. Not as much as I woulda liked because, back then, the area was dry, so no bars unless you drove to the state line.

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