Hiding behind false names, the ideas on these pages are attacked by anonymous voices who choose conflict over dialogue, shouting down convictions with vehemence while offering no transcending ideas.

While protesting labels of racism unfair, the statistically, purely white Tea Party grumbles that welfare, healthcare and any other attempt in a great nation to provide a safety net, is against our founding principles. Revolution the battle cry, guns in church, the poor to their lot.

Admitting to the racism would be to open yourself to shame but in your insular huts of habitation gathered with like minded, like born and like bred, these thoughts are the coin of the realm and the more zealous the proclamation the richer the orator.

The disgraced battle flag on your wall and in your heart yearns to fly free, stabbing a mortal wound in a President’s chest. You sip from the cup of Booth, the blood of Lincoln your sustenance. Your gatherings are a sea of white, inconvenient evidence of your segregated proclivities as you protest the slings and arrows of racist accusations. Perhaps you protest too much.

“Christ is King,”  you proclaim while bowing before the MOST, not least, among us. The sick and poor deserve their lot as you perform the greatest make-over of all time: the Prince of Peace into a capitalist god.

“A Muslim, a socialist, a terrorist racist!” Such labels hurled with invective and lacking evidence distract the lazy, unwilling to search, quite easily, for the truth as the money that sustains the movement is invested by the real benefactors of your cause, the oligarchs of America, seeking foment through social issues to bring power to their true cause: wealth.

“Too close to ground zero” you yell, while raising not a whisper against the arson and harassment hurled at mosques thousands of miles from the hallowed ground. Hypocrisy, the easy label but in denying freedom of religion you are not worshipping  patriotism, but a soured cup of tea. The vandalizations and harassment of moderate Muslims in our country is as real as the insidious hatred of radical Islamists against us. Our willingness to ignore the very tenets of our country’s founding to attack a religious minority is at best ignorant fear mongering and at worst, an attack against the freedoms our country stands for, in other words, treason.

Blame the messenger, as the disabled news media barely performs its task and any sign of balance is dismissed as the ramblings of the liberal elite. A laughable label when the true elite in media fill the airwaves with biased one-sided innuendos, elevating them in the minds of listeners to truth. Fair and balanced? Hardly.

Among you there are many who see the conflict but refuse to yield to the mass. Your silence allows the movement to be driven in a courser direction, choosing every low road when a higher path appears. Compromise, the concept that has allowed the country to flourish not acceptable in an environment where “NO” is the only politically viable answer to constituents fed discord through the bellicose voices of Limbaugh, Hannity and the like.

“Don’t tread on me!” Indeed as you stomp, jack-booted across the religious freedoms of minorities, easily, but inaccurately demonized.

Explaining away your ethnic purity in non-racists terms would be an Orwellian feat and the rhetoriticians in your midst are not up to the task, thus they shout down the accusers with the only weapon left, noise.

To quote Shakespeare by way of Faulkner, “it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Billy Howard

Billy Howard

Billy Howard is a commercial and documentary photographer with an emphasis on education and global health.