Here I go. I finally have to express a deep feeling that I have had for some time. To begin, I want to make it clear that I am not a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Tea Party-er, Right wing Christian, Liberal, nor do I bear any label except for being a thoughtful caring American. I am a well educated, intelligent senior citizen who has experienced life under many different philosophies, presidents and administrations. I am not a bigot, a racist, a homophobe. My stand on abortion is balanced; for birth control—no; for health, physical or emotional—yes. I am not afraid of immigration from the south or Muslims. I served in the United States Army with distinction. I am not anti government, but I am against what our government seems to me to have become; A bunch of self-centered, self-serving older men (I know there are exceptions), thank God for ladies. The average age of U.S. Congress people is over 55 (easily verified). I am not against seniors since I am one. Far too many are more interested in staying in power than the good of the United States. Gosh, I sound cynical, but it seems to me to be the worst in years.

Here are my concerns: People far wiser than I have emphatically stated that Capitalism, while greed driven, is the only long-term economic system that works. How does anyone rationalize that spending more than is incoming is sound economics. I tried it years ago and was almost bankrupt before I wised up. I am for caring for people who can’t care for themselves, but not for caring for people who won’t care for themselves. I make an exception when the economy is as bad as it is now and jobs, while available are scarce and often undesirable.

We are engaged in two wars, which we can’t possibly win as they are being fought and we lost the last two big ones, Korea and Viet Nam. We need to either get in them all the way or get out. A problem for us is that in some way we are responsible for escalating today’s conflicts from civil wars to multi-national conflicts. How can we morally abandon our blunder and leave innocent people to suffer the consequences.

We throw billions of dollars at countries that are governed by corrupt politicians who deny their own people basic rights while padding their own pockets. We support nations that turn around when it suits them and spit in our face.

We certainly need health care for everyone, but the government is the least competent to run it. I would almost ask just what program has the government ever run successfully, but someone certainly would have an answer.

It may not be true, but I feel like a government that has lost touch with reality is eroding our rights. In my last years of ministry I had to moderate some of my speech and actions for fear of my church losing its tax exempt status. People condemn Rev. Jeremiah Wright for what he taught, but no one denied his right to say it. The statement of an honest belief, if it is negative and directed to a group can be labeled “Hate speech”, and expose the speaker to criminal persecution.

As a reasonable American, I can no longer honestly complete my tax return since tax law has morphed into an incomprehensible monster where some of the people empowered to enforce it do not know all of its nuances.

Blatant criminals are appointed to high office and no one can state clearly what “is, is”.

So, it is safe to say that I am distressed, not for me because I am one of those fortunate seniors with limited wealth and I will make out like a bandit. I am concerned for my middle-aged children and grandchildren. Will they possibly enjoy the opportunities that we have? Oh, the elites will do well, and the impoverished will do well, but what about the hard working men and women who make up the vast majority of middle class (oops, bad word) Americans fare?

I don’t have any answers, just concerns.

I am serious in stating my concerns and hope to hear some answers, not partisan, but rational.

Jack deJarnette

Jack deJarnette

I am a United Methodist Minister who in June 2008, was placed on incapacity leave due to kidney failure.  My kidneys failed due to immusuppression medications secondary to a heart transplant in 1997. The ministry is my second career having spent 12 previous years at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta as Chief Respiratory Therapist and Technical Director of Life Support Systems at Emory University School of Medicine. I  have a wonderful wife of 45 years, two super children, and four grandchildren. My life has been exciting, challenging, and full of wonder as in my early years I was concerned with saving lives and in my later years saving souls I was graduated  from Georgia Military Academy in 1961 (Woodward Academy). I attended Emory-at-Oxford College, The University of Georgia, Georgia State University, and Emory University for postgraduate work. I received my ministry credentials through the United Methodist Church Course of Study at Emory's candler School of Theology. My Theology is primarily Wesleyan and varies with the particular topic under discussion. I refuse to be labeled either liberal or conservative. My politics are moderate embracing what I hope is the best of all parties. I have a deep love for Christ, the Church, and the United States of America. Bev (my wife) and I are deeply thankful to God for the blessings that have been showered on us throughout our lives.