How often do you wonder? Not wondered about anything in particular, just wondered? I often wonder. I wondered about the lightening flash that blasted me out of bed this morning. I wondered about the thunder that followed the lightening. I know that the lightening and thunder are heavenly boxcars banging together, my Daddy told me so. I have been taught the physical science explanations that describe these events, but still, I wonder.

Do you ever wonder why you wonder? I sometimes wonder why people say the things they say or do the things they do. I wonder why I do the things I do things I do or say the things I say. I wonder why I remember things I should forget and why I forget things I should remember.

I wonder how the cosmos was really created, did God sneeze, and suddenly the cosmos appeared? The Bible teaches that it was God’s Word that brought all things into being. I wonder if God can just think it or if God has to speak it for it to be? Did God kneel in the dust of the ground and mold the animals as Adam named them or did Adam think them up and God made them for him? Sometimes I even wonder if God is.

I wonder how one person can be cruel to another and why small dogs have the same mental capacities as huge dogs. I wonder how an atom can be made up of particles smaller than it and how there are smaller particles of those small particles.

I wonder if I really have a soul and if I do, I wonder where it resides. It is just electrical energy bouncing between nerve endings. Is it in the chemical messengers that move between the synapses? Is it something that resides between the spaces in my brain? On the other hand, does it live in my heart?

When the soul leaves the body, how does it exit? Does it exit with the final breath or does it escape through the pores in the skin? Then, of course, where does it go? Does it live in outer space or is there a heaven? How does the soul get to heaven and where is heaven anyway? I don’t know, but I wonder and all of the reading, learning, and pondering doesn’t stop my wondering.

I wonder why I have a headache from all this wondering. I would go take a nap, but I wonder just how I could go to sleep since my mind is so active with wondering, wondering about the wonderful world in which we live. I could put my earphones in and listen to my iPod, but then I would wonder how the 1’s and 0’s of computer language could possibly recreate the symphony to which I am listening and how the composer heard the whole before conceiving its parts.

I am going to stop now before I drive myself crazier than I already am. I wonder just how in blazes I can shut down my mind? I wonder why…

Jack deJarnette

Jack deJarnette

I am a United Methodist Minister who in June 2008, was placed on incapacity leave due to kidney failure.  My kidneys failed due to immusuppression medications secondary to a heart transplant in 1997. The ministry is my second career having spent 12 previous years at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta as Chief Respiratory Therapist and Technical Director of Life Support Systems at Emory University School of Medicine. I  have a wonderful wife of 45 years, two super children, and four grandchildren. My life has been exciting, challenging, and full of wonder as in my early years I was concerned with saving lives and in my later years saving souls I was graduated  from Georgia Military Academy in 1961 (Woodward Academy). I attended Emory-at-Oxford College, The University of Georgia, Georgia State University, and Emory University for postgraduate work. I received my ministry credentials through the United Methodist Church Course of Study at Emory's candler School of Theology. My Theology is primarily Wesleyan and varies with the particular topic under discussion. I refuse to be labeled either liberal or conservative. My politics are moderate embracing what I hope is the best of all parties. I have a deep love for Christ, the Church, and the United States of America. Bev (my wife) and I are deeply thankful to God for the blessings that have been showered on us throughout our lives.