Nathan Deal has out-hated Karen Handel to become the Republicans’ choice for the next governor of Georgia. Proclaiming to represent conservative values, which of course means profiling Hispanic citizens and demonizing gay people who happen to want committed relationships, Deal questioned Handel’s hate bona fides and won.

Karen Handel left tell-tale signs she didn’t hate quite enough. Gay people are awful, terrible, sinful, Godless heathens and their desire to love, honor and obey each other threatens to wreck the marriages of heterosexuals who would henceforth look at their own marriages and say, what’s the point of being married if gay people can marry?… Huh?

Anyway, it appears that Karen Handel at one point thought that gay people might not automatically go to hell and therefore, her credentials in Georgia, where the majority seem to favor hell for gays, suffered.

Go to hell gays, go back to Mexico you worthless Latino job stealers who want better lives for your families. “Give me your tired, your poor, your….” Hey, can’t we put something else on that statue?

Southern Christian conservatism used to mean making doggone sure that blacks and whites didn’t inter-marry or that blacks didn’t eat at the same lunch counter that served their white-Christian-loving selves. Times change and the new enemy of all that is pure and good are gays whose radical, nefarious agenda is, of all things, equal protection under the law.

“Thank God for Gays” should be their motto! It’s nice to have a demon to rally around when your real goal is to create a corporate structure to run the country on the backs of the middle class. Insuring the Bush tax cuts are preserved at the cost of middle class taxes and a huge deficit is boring compared to Sodom and Gomorrah.

I’m sure they and their corporate friends (oops, I mean corporate citizens, or is that Citizens United?) are sharing the love with Gay people who, because of their heathen desire to love has handed on a silver platter the demon they needed for their bait and hate scheme.

Deal certainly has earned his hate rep, doing a call out to Ghetto Grandmothers.  Of course, you can’t blame the guy for doing whatever it takes to stay in state government. Deal “personally intervened with Georgia leaders to preserve an obscure state program that earns his company nearly $300,000 a year,” according to the Atlanta newspaper based in Dunwoody. Memo to Screwtape: Forget about Wormwood, this guy Deal is already in and could show you a trick or two!

And a note from the nominee: Thank you Gays! Keep wanting to have loving committed relationships! God is so proud of me for hating you and Karen Handel, well, she may as well be Jesus or something with all that compassion we exposed in her checkered past.

Billy Howard

Billy Howard

Billy Howard is a commercial and documentary photographer with an emphasis on education and global health.