Vic Rawl, the former judge and legislator from Charleston who lost by nearly 20 percentage points to Alvin Greene, the unemployed military veteran who didn’t campaign, wants a recount in South Carolina’s Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.  The Post and Courier reports that state Sen. Phil Leventis sent a letter to the state election commission asking that the voting machines used for the election be impounded and an audit conducted.

Rawl claimed at a news conference that voters and poll workers reported “extremely unusual” incidents during the primary — not the least, of course, was Greene winning.  Rawl contends that some voters repeatedly pressed the screen for Rawl only to have Greene’s name appear.

“There is a cloud over South Carolina that affects all of our people, Democrats, Republicans, white and African-American alike,” Rawl said at the news conference. “At this point, the people of our state do not have the basic confidence that their vote will be counted.”

Meanwhile, in other bizarre South Carolina races, two-term Attorney General Henry McMaster was expected to announce his endorsement of state Rep. Nikki Haley for governor.  McMaster finished third behind Haley in last week’s Republican primary.  No one on his campaign staff claimed to have had sex with Haley, whose campaign was clouded by allegations from two men that they had had “inappropriate” relationships with her.  One of those men was a consultant to Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, who finished last.  Bauer has endorsed Haley’s runoff opponent, U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett.

Oddly, in South Carolina’s very odd election year, the first person to claim an “inappropriate physical relationship” with Nikki Haley has become something of a cheerleader for her.  Will Folks, who was a speechwriter for Haley and press secretary for Gov. Mark Sanford from 2001 to 2005,  declared in his blog that assuming Haley will win next Tuesday’s runoff ” is sort of like assuming the sun will come up next Tuesday.”  Folks notes that Haley not only continues to lead in the race against Barrett but holds a 55-34 percent advantage over Democratic nominee Vincent Sheheen in the latest Rasmussen Reports poll.

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Ron Taylor

Ron Taylor

Ron Taylor was born and raised in Georgia and worked more than 40 years at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as a reporter and editor and as an online producer for and AccessAtlanta. He served for a time as the newspaper's regional editor, overseeing coverage of the South. He is co-author, with Dr. Leonard Ray Teel, of Into the Newsroom:  An Introduction to Journalism and has conducted workshops in the Middle East on feature writing.