The current campaign ad by Tim James, who is running for Alabama governor on the GOP slate, contains a strange non sequitur, at first glance. James starts out by saying he doesn’t mind showing his driver’s license when he votes. He then segues into a couple of remarks about being a business man and wanting to grow jobs for Alabama. He concludes by saying it makes sense to him to show a driver’s license when voting…”Does it to you?”

What does a driver’s license have to do with growing jobs in the state, you may ask? Seems like the two have nothing to do with each other.

Aha! You didn’t get the memo! It’s a CODE, silly.

The part about drivers’ licenses IS the campaign message of this spot ad. All the rest is noise.

What Tim James, son of former Gov. Fob James, is really saying  is “Aren’t you fed up with the bleeding heart black legislators and candidates who want to make it easy for po’ black folks to vote?”

Give a look, here:

Gita M. Smith

Gita M. Smith

Gita M. Smith is a former Atlanta Journal-Constitution staff writer who covered Alabama -- yes, the whole state -- for the paper's national desk where she fell under  the dangerous influence of Keith Graham and Ron Taylor.  She writes flash fiction at 6S, Thinking 10 and fictionaut.