That was fun. Okay, what we think is fun on a cool, weekend afternoon might be quite different from what you would enjoy. But trying to find the hummingbird is fun. We can hear it (I can hear it, anyway, Tom’s carpenter-damaged ears not quite so attuned as in days gone by), but just can’t find the darned thing. If the wind would slow, the leaves would settle and maybe…

Waiting to see where the Monarch caterpillars stop to transform to the next level. Checking the tomato, lettuce and bean plants. Figuring out how to adjust the front gate so Auggie the Doggy doesn’t flee into the roadway. Done! Now she has a whole new yard, the front yard, for romping. Let’s watch!

All like this wine — fun, calm, capable. Mysterious? No. Exotic? No. Relaxing and friendly after a stroll through the yard? You bet. We paid $17 at a high-end wine shop in a fancy-shmancy neighborhood, but it’s probably often available for less.

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Meg Livergood Gerrish

Meg Livergood Gerrish

Partnered with her husband, Meg Gerrish has combined their love of a specific social beverage and her compulsion to give opinions whether anyone asks or not into the website Unoaked Chardonnay. Their review approach is unorthodox, compared to most, but their passion for finding and trying all the unoaked Chardonnays available is unwavering. It’s a mission: “Our hobby, our job, someone has to do it.” Meg worked many years for an ad agency that became wildly famous as soon as she retired. She is currently working on a novel, as are most people.