America's new brownshirtsA very short food for thought, but one that may be one of my most important in asking about the well being of this nation. You may not agree with this line of thought, but all I ask is that you think about it as you watch the angry crowds and ask where is my America?

My two greatest fears on the night that Presidential Candidate Barack Obama was elected President of these United States were that first, some maniac would shoot him on Inauguration Day and second, segments of white America would rise up as they did during the Reconstruction Era to “Take Back America.” This latest flap over the Confederacy is just an example of the stupidity that continues to exist. Did you every think you would hear an elected official go on national television of dismiss slavery as an unimportant factor in the Civil War. Then is joined by another Southern Governor to say that they did not see what the fuss is all about.

The mantra during the Reconstruction Era was something along the lines of America is going to hell in a hand basket. Think about the future of this diverse society with this attitude. As Martin Luther King once said – “He who accepts without protecting against it is in reality cooperating with it.” Has America become silent and are we about the repeat a version of the era that followed the Reconstruction Era.

Worse yet, a friend and mentee, recent wrote me and said the following about today’s events. Some political figures have been feeding the frenzy of hatred to garner votes. As in the reconstruction, their agenda is based on lies, distortion, and deception. It is one of the greatest disgraces of this country that these charlatans keep getting elected. They can’t see the indecency of dismissing the great injustice of slavery because it requires a decent person to be able to see it.

What is being seen in the USA in 2010 reminiscence of what occurred in Germany in the late 30’s… politicians using bands of thugs to intimidate and violate the citizenry. The results of what we are seeing in the threats that have been made to legislators who voted to reform healthcare. As in Germany, unfortunately, too many of them are giving in to fear. I have also had a fear regarding Obama since the time he was a viable candidate… It is again my fear that these extremists will create a climate that politician who disagree with them will not only be spat on, but may pay the ultimate price, and that unfortunately, may include a repeat of November 21, 1963. Just food for thought!

Lovell Jones, Ph.D.

Lovell Jones, Ph.D.

Lovell Allan Jones was born in Baton Rouge, La and was among the first African Americans to integrate school. He was also among the first undergraduates to integrate Louisiana State University, In 1968 he moved to California to continue his education, getting his Ph.D. with an emphasis in Tumor Biology & Endocrinology in 1977. He is now Research Professor at Texas A & M University Corpus Christi. In being bestow Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas Graduate School for Biomedical Science, became the first African American dual emeritus professor in the UT System, and probably one of the few, if not only in the United States. He was the director of the Congressionally Mandated Center for Research on Minority Health at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas and co-founder of the Intercultural Cancer Council, the nation’s largest multicultural health policy organization. While maintaining as active scientific program to change the nation’s approach to research dealing with underserved populations, Dr. Jones started writing essays on societal issues and the lack of progress in closing the health and health care gap almost two decades ago. His essays, on LOVELL'S FOOD FOR THOUGHT, have appeared in a number of publications, first appearing on his personal email list serve to over 2000 of his “friends.” Here is what WEB Dubois' Great Grandson said after reading this FOOD FOR THOUGHT: When my great-grandfather said in 1903 that "The problem of the 20th Century is the problem of the color-line." he was clearly stating the exact point that Dr. Jones makes. It was so clear to him that the prejudices rampant in America during that time were so deeply ingrained that they represented a barrier worthy of being considered in terms that would require, at minimum, a century to resolve. When I'm asked about Grandpa's quote today I tell people that the number has changed to the 21st, but the problem seems to be equally as intractable now, as intractable now, as then. He went on to write many things about the "color-line" and "The Veil" over his 95 years. One that I find most succinct and touching is attached. It comes from his 1920 book "Darkwater: Voices from within the Veil". I think it lends insight and historical perspective to Dr. Jones' statement" ...that slavery is and continues to be a source of evil. An evil that we truly have never addressed. For it prevails in our biases, those subconscious innocent biases that play out on a daily basis."