Rex Hill Willamette Valley Chardonnay 2007, Oregon

We moved into our home fifteen years ago. It was a plain, concrete box on a flat piece of rock. Nothing special. Well made, but utterly ordinary. Over the years (mostly) Tom (with a few ideas from me) turned it into something special. Unique. Textured and full of dimension. That’s like this wine. Just grapes, after all. Turned into something special, unique, textured and full of dimension.

The (beautiful) label says the wine is fermented in stainless, the website claims “neutral oak” and the tasting sheet at the website says “5% oak, 95% stainless fermentation.”

So we go by the label information because maybe the website isn’t in order at the time we make this review. We completely understand the aggravation of keeping all the pieces of a website in place and up-to-date. But whatever the website problems, we’re pleased to report that the wine ($21 at our local wine shop) represents a completely delicious attention to detail.

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Meg Livergood Gerrish

Meg Livergood Gerrish

Partnered with her husband, Meg Gerrish has combined their love of a specific social beverage and her compulsion to give opinions whether anyone asks or not into the website Unoaked Chardonnay. Their review approach is unorthodox, compared to most, but their passion for finding and trying all the unoaked Chardonnays available is unwavering. It’s a mission: “Our hobby, our job, someone has to do it.” Meg worked many years for an ad agency that became wildly famous as soon as she retired. She is currently working on a novel, as are most people.