Ledson Tres Frais Chardonnay 2008, California
Comme ci, comme ca

The way our home is arranged required both satellite and cable to provide a television signal to the main house and garage apartment. A configuration problem. Very basic cable in the apartment (guests would just have to make do), satellite service in the house. And don’t get started on the evils of television. We enjoy it around here. Reality television? No. Game shows? No. Punditry? No. Almost anything else? Sure, why not? Go ‘phins!

But while drinking this wine we decided to cut all the cords. Why? Because we were drowning in television. We had allowed ourselves to drift into the bad habit of click, click, clicking without appreciating anything on the screen. Ten minutes of this cooking program, five minutes of a movie we’d already seen, watching an auto auction because the program we were waiting for hadn’t started yet. Yikes!

No apologies. We love TV. But after cutting the cords and installing outdoor antennas, we now either enjoy something the four networks are showing or leave the room. What an enormous relief! And we wouldn’t have believed it six months ago, that we would appreciate a simple television set-up. Currently, the video quality is improved, the offerings are free, we plan what we’re going to watch (or not), and [sigh] we are relaxed.

What does this have to do with a $32 bottle of wine (ordered from the vineyard, not including shipping)? Click through to UnoakedChardonnay.com to read the rest.

(Editor’s note: Meg is a regular Dew reader/commenter and we coaxed her into letting us run some of her unorthodox wine reviews in exchange for a link to her site.)

Meg Livergood Gerrish

Meg Livergood Gerrish

Partnered with her husband, Meg Gerrish has combined their love of a specific social beverage and her compulsion to give opinions whether anyone asks or not into the website Unoaked Chardonnay. Their review approach is unorthodox, compared to most, but their passion for finding and trying all the unoaked Chardonnays available is unwavering. It’s a mission: “Our hobby, our job, someone has to do it.” Meg worked many years for an ad agency that became wildly famous as soon as she retired. She is currently working on a novel, as are most people.