wheelbarrow of moneyNext time you go out for a cup-a-joe in the Palmetto state, you might find your Washington’s, Lincoln’s and Jackson’s no good at your corner coffee house. If State Representative Mike Pitts has anything to say about it you’ll be paying with gold or silver as he’s aiming to eliminate federally backed paper currency in favor of bullion.

CBS News reports that Pitts, a Republican, introduced legislation this month banning “the unconstitutional substitution of Federal Reserve Notes for silver and gold coin” in South Carolina. They quoted Pitts who stated, “The Germans felt their system wouldn’t collapse, but it took a wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread in the 1930s,” he said. “The Soviet Union didn’t think their system would collapse, but it did. Ours is capable of collapsing also.”

Pitts took his hopeful message of economic cheer to the airwaves this past Wednesday. Charleston, South Carolina NBC affiliate, WCBD, ran a piece featuring the Laurens legislator advocating his proposed bill that would give the state the authority to accept gold and silver coinage as the only acceptable means of exchange.

Some suspect that Pitts’ motivation is that as a former policeman he believes that if enacted, his bill could lead to easier apprehension of bank robbers as they would be weighted down and thus sluggish in their get-away with even the smallest of heists. Other residents pondered if they could use spare dental fillings, crowns and bridges if they found themselves in a pinch for cash.

Pitts indicated that the bill has a “slim margin” for passage yet he hasn’t let that slow him down in pressing this issue as a top priority on his agenda.

Michael J. Solender

Michael J. Solender

Michael J. Solender is a recent corporate refugee whose opinion and satire has been featured in The Richmond Times Dispatch, The Winston-Salem Journal, and Richmond Style Weekly. He writes a weekly Neighborhoods column for The Charlotte Observer and is the City Life Editor for Charlotte ViewPoint. His micro-fiction has been featured online at Bull Men’s Fiction, Calliope Nerve, Danse Macabre, Dogzplot, Gloom Cupboard, Full of Crow, Pangur Ban Party and others.

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