(a valentine of sorts)

Robbers lives are filled with naught

living on what others bought

sneaking in your house at night

and taking everything in sight.

Bankers make their wealth in loans

of which you pay them back with moans

they keep their money stale and dry

and late at night they often cry

Bandits from the bankers steal

the bullets in their guns are real

but bandits usually leave a trail

and most of them wind up in jail

Kings have power over all

they keep their strength with Geritol

taxing rich and poor alike

and having gala balls at night

Robbers, bankers, bandits, kings

all these men hold earthly things

but I possess much more than this

each evening when your lips I kiss

My Valentine

Billy Howard

Billy Howard

Billy Howard is a commercial and documentary photographer with an emphasis on education and global health.

  1. Billy, not only are you a lovely person, you are a beautifully poetic soul. Lovely valentine poem.

  2. Frank Povah

    Any swain could do much worse
    Than write his love enchanting verse;
    And Billy H deserves a cheer
    For romancing his fair lady here.

    My love to all whose hearts entwine,
    Though not just on this Valentine;
    All us blokes could do much worse,
    Than celebrate our girls in verse.

  3. Frank Povah

    If there’s one among us not a coward,
    Then surely it is Billy Howard;
    All us blokes could do much worse,
    Than celebrate our love in verse;
    And those that scoff, well we’d soon show ‘em,
    What prizes liein a simple poem.
    As into our lover’s arms we fly,
    Thrilled by each and every sigh;
    While all the scoffing critics get,
    Is “Haven’t you cleaned the garage yet?”

  4. I can hear you reciting this out loud, Billy. One of my favorites!

  5. Billy Howard

    Frank: that is the best response I have ever received and probably the best I will ever receive. Thank you for adding your poetic touch!

  6. Frank Povah

    Thank you Billy – the pleasure was all mine. The two responses were a mistake, there’s some sort of glitch in the system and the first appeared not to go so I sent another. But you’re welcome to them both. I only wish I’d thought of it. I shall always remember “taxing rich and poor alike/and having gala balls at night”. Love and Happy Valentine to both of you.

  7. But for the banker
    There would be no oil tanker
    We would have no energy
    And no lights for you and me

    You piss and moan and blame the wealthy
    Those who keep the economy healthy
    Without their funds to freely invest
    You think you’d have more, but really less

    So you urge the gubmint to loot their holdings
    And in exchange you offer juvenile scoldings
    So to those who want the gubmit to plunder your financial relief
    Look in the mirror — it’s you who are the thief!

  8. Billy Howard

    Ah Brenden, only you would find a way to turn a Valentine poem into an angry partisan rant, albeit a rhyming one. You are quite the romantic. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

  9. laughing hard, off my chair I fall
    your love poem mentions Geritol
    a moment later I glimpse your heart
    the tender end after clever start
    your wit and soul, like hand in glove
    are perfect mates in your ode to love

    Your poem is wonderful, is there no end to your talents Mr Howard?

  10. Cliff Green

    Billy, on Valentine’s Day do two things: hold your valentine real tight, and ignore the character “Brenden.”

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