reaches milestone of 1,000 stories reaches milestone of 1,000 stories

This story is the 1,000th to appear on Like the Dew. Yes, this one — the one you are reading. Reaching this milestone was unthinkable a year ago. Some awesome work has appeared on the site since it debuted with a story by the film writer Eleanor Ringel Cater last March 12. Many accomplished writers, some with strong professional credentials, others just beginning to express themselves in public, have contributed work that sings with a genuine elegance.

That’s not to say every story we’ve published has been wonderful. Not all stories nor all writers are equal in this publication or any other. But the percentage of excellent pieces has been unusually high. All of those stories have come from writers who have donated their time for this project.

We’re deeply grateful to each of them. While we initially expected that almost all the stories would come from people with backgrounds in various communications fields, we’re especially happy that people from all kinds of backgrounds have chosen to contribute.

We’re equally grateful to our readers because without you Like the Dew could not go on. And we’d like to single out for special mention those readers who comment on stories — roughly 1 percent of you — and help to make the site feel like a real community.

Where do we go from here? Who knows? We’re all — writers, readers and commenters — in this together. Let’s hope we still feel as proud of what we’ve accomplished after the next 1,000 stories.

Our writers who wrote the 1,000:

Alan Gordon
Alice Murray
Andrea Lee Meyer
Andy Brack
Andy Miller
Anna Dolianitis
Ariel Harris
Austen Risolvato
Austin McMurria
Barry Hollander
Bert Roughton III
Bill Semple
Billy Howard
Bootsie Lucas
Boyd Lewis
Brad Clayton
Brian Randall
Carol Carter
Cathleen Hulbert
Charles Seabrook
Charles Walston
Chris Wohlwend
Christopher Burdette
Chrys B. Graham
Cliff Green
Craig Miller
Dallas Lee
Daniel Palmer
Danny Fulks
Dave Cooley
Deb Barshafsky
Dennis McCarthy
Desiree Evans
Dindy Yokel
Don O’Briant
Doug Cumming
Eden Landow
Eleanor Ringel Cater
Elliott Brack
Frank Povah
Gib Ennis
Gita M. Smith
Jack Wilkinson
Janet Ward
Jay Thompson
Jeff Cochran
Jennifer Hill
Jim Stovall
Jim Warren
Jimmy Booth
Jingle Davis
Joe Earle
Joel Groover
Joey Ledford
John Dembowski
John Manasso
John Sugg
John Tabellione
John Yow
Jonna Pattillo
Joseph Gatins
Juli Ward
Julie Puckett Fodera
Kathleen Harbin
Kathleen R. Gegan
Keith Graham
Ken Edelstein
Ken Haldin
Kevin Duffy
Kip Burke
Kirsten Barr
Lee Leslie
Les Eatwell
Lovell Jones, Ph.D.
Lucy Emerson Sullivan
Maggie Lee
Maisha White
Mandy Richburg Rivers
Margi Ness
Mark Johnson
Martha W. Fagan
Mary Civille
Mary Kay Andrews
Mary Lee
Matthew Wright
Melinda Ennis
Mike Copeland
Mike Cox
Mike Williams
Mimi Skelton
Myra Blackmon
Nancy Puckett
Nancy Robinson
Neill Herring
Nelly McDaid
Noel Holston
Patti Ghezzi
Peter Turnbull
Phil Gast
Philip Graitcer
Phyllis Alesia Perry
Piney Woods Pete
R.P. Singletary
Randy Schiltz
Raymond L. Atkins
Reagan Walker
Robert Coram
Robert Lamb
Robert M. Williams, Jr.
Ron Feinberg
Ron Taylor
Rosemary Griggs
Sam Morton
Saralyn Chesnut
Scott Anna
Sharon M. Riley
Sheila Barnard Nungesser
Sigrid Sanders
Steve Krodman
Steve Valk
Susan De Bonis
Susan Soper
Suz Korbel
Ted Kooser
Terri Evans
The Barnacle Goose
Tom Baxter
Tom Crawford
Tom Poland
Tom Walker
Trevor Irvin
Valerie Evans
Wayne Johnson
Will Cantrell
William Hedgepeth