Kevin McCulloughI’ve written very little about the Tiger Woods’ imbroglio, but I never considered it significant —  thus, I wrote about it with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek– refusing to prattle on like the rest of the civilized world is.  Then I came across this article by Kevin McCullough of Townhall, a conservative political and media site.  Keeping things honest here, I will readily admit that I am not a fan of Townhall. McCullough’s piece really got my dander up though. It’s entitled Why Obama Is Worse Than Tiger.  Okay, I thought.  Let’s find out why the president is “worse” (whatever that means) than the world’s number one golfer.  I was expecting to be taken aback by an unshakable core of new facts and ideas, to prove his point, and lessen mine.  Epic fail on this count.

I’m going to forget for the moment, this self-aggrandizing, pompous windbag’s sermonizing regarding what Tiger should do about his failing relationship with his wife.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my brief time on this earth; it’s that moral crusaders such as Mr. McCullough– fall the hardest on their pointy swords– because their judgments usually reflect their own imperfections.  It’s much easier to point out imperfections in others, and McCullough just can’t wait to regale his readers with his preachy dictums.

Sorry.  I tried to forget.  First example:

Tiger’s only chance at redeeming his psyche, his life, and somewhere far down the road his game, is to ultimately choose to be a different person. He must volitionally make better choices, better friends, and cling to the real love of one woman. I personally believe that those tasks are made easier if he also couples those choices with a genuine belief, faith, and trust in God

Here’s another:

If Tiger puts into practice a principle from my newest book (The Kind of Man Every Man Should Be) and pursues reconciliation, forgiveness, and healthy life choices from this point on–all while agreeing to absolute accountability–he may very well lose his wife and children anyway. Yet at the very least, by making such choices, and by adopting a different path than the one that took him down the road of danger…

Is he serious?

What  would make  this self-righteous prig think that Tiger doesn’t have genuine belief, faith, and trust in God?   Why would Tiger deign to follow the principles of a hack writer, trying to drum up sales for a book?  Clearly he presumes to know Eldrick Woods better than Eldrick knows himself.  There is more.  So much more.  Let’s get to the meat of McCullough’s argument:  Obama as the Anti-Christ.  Here’s a sample of the president being a danger to the future of our youth, and the great deceiver of all mankind:

President Obama, from all appearances, will refuse to admit that his statist view of the world has any flaws in it whatsoever. He will dig in. He will give more speeches. He will possibly even accept more absurd awards on the world stage, even while insulting the host nation who is silly enough to honor him with such acclaim. President Obama refuses to see, what everyone else easily does, that his actions are damaging the future of millions of people, but his stubborn refusal to pivot may damage generations of descendants of those people.

Indeed.  His “statist” view of the world surely does not represent anyone in America does it?  Not the nearly 50 million Americans– apparently all socialist elitists– who voted to elect the man.  I guess they didn’t realize he was going to drive them over a financial cliff in a Moskvitch.  I’m amused by McCullough’s plea for the president to “stop being stubborn.”  He is writing out of clear frustration, because the man won a resounding victory, and he refuses to do things the way conservatives want him to.  Obama: the uppity, duplicitous president.

Kevin McCullough’s entire piece failed on every imaginable level.  His overbearing, condescending tone toward Tiger Woods was enough to make me want to shank the back of my head with a four-iron.  He then compounds his erroneous take by adding in the president, as if the two have any correlation whatsoever.  It’s sloppy writing, and a lazy angle to take.

Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright, originally from Connecticut, is a blogger and budding freelance writer. He is heavily interested in politics and public policy. His aim is to encourage real debate between real people. Real change begins on the grassroots level, not in the media. He attended the University of Hartford in West Hartford,Connecticut, and now makes his home in Atlanta, Georgia. He also makes a mean lasagna.

  1. Cliff Green

    Nice take-down, indeed. But this wad of spittle wasn’t worth your time, or ours.

  2. IMHO Tiger should do what ever makes him happy. He tried the love of one women, it didn’t work. So I say pay up, and go back to playing golf, and hanging with the women of the day. As far as Obama is concerned I overjoyed that he is as frustrating to the right as President Bush and V.P. Chaney were to me.

  3. “He must volitionally make better choices, better friends” – there, see what happens when you non-volitionally make choices? That sentence is watering the astroturf of self-help language.

    And the McCulloughs of this country won’t sleep any easier when they find out that almost 70 million people – not 50 million – voted for Obama.

    What McCullough needs to do is get his book plugged as a freebie during the WABE pledge drive. Mac, take a lesson from noted nutritionist Dr. Gary Dull (his real name?); wave the book in the air and scare the fricasee out of poor Alicia Ames Steele as you shout, “LISTEN to me! Are you LISTENING? Obama didn’t listen to me and he became a generation-damaging Socialist! “

  4. I don’t care for golfers and politicians, and a combination of the two? Well, it just doesn’t interest me.

  5. You’re “take down” is really just a guilty conscience seeking affirmation by others who also are scared shitless of eternity…

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