Anyone familiar with George Hutchins? I wasn’t either. Not until I came across his new website. Now, I’m wishing I could pluck out my eyes. Mr. Hutchins is running for congress in 2010, in the fourth district in North Carolina. His opponent, Congressman David Price (D), represents North Carolina’s “triangle” — a prosperous, well-educated section of the Tar Heel state that encompasses Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

George Hutchins is one of those brilliant Birthers. He is a neo-conservative who believes the Civil Rights Act is un-American. He believes Sanford and Son became successful without the aid of Affirmative Action, so why can’t others? (Yes, I realize “Sanford and Son” is fictional, but I don’t think he does.) He has not only created the most visually hideous website — dedicated to distortion, venom, and outright hatred — he’s managed to craft something that is a total piece of crap. I mean seriously, you’ve got to look at this thing. It looks like a child scribbling with Crayola crayons in a Glidden factory, after there was an explosion of all their red paint.  Just awful.  Then there’s the poor editing, and mangled metaphors. I can’t really do it justice. Please see for yourself.

The tea party movement has become potent. It should not be dismissed cavalierly. Some of these protesters are honest, decent, hard-working people, concerned about how their money is being spent by those in Washington. I don’t find fault with those willing to express their right to protest. But there’s a fringe element. These are the people who have no qualms about linking President Obama to the massacre of the Jews during the Holocaust, while orchestrating his ascent up the American political hierarchy from his hut in Kenya. These people, if left unchecked, would almost assuredly poison every last Democrat, then blame their deaths on the President’s “socialist” policies.  This is the element that has spawned George Hutchins.

America has a real problem with kooks like this. Hutchins, while I’m sure is an … interesting fellow, is not someone I would feel comfortable casting my vote for if I were a conservative in North Carolina.  Okay, that’s putting it mildly. The guy is a frosted flake. Anyone with the temerity to attach his name to that abortion of a website has got to be ingesting some really smooth hooch. Most sense-loving Americans don’t indulge in the vitriolic babble that has enraptured most far-right conservatives — at least not the ones I know. They’re more concerned with the economy and job creation. If Mr. Hutchins created a site for his campaign focusing on these issues, and his plan to combat President Obama on them, then I would welcome that. He did not. He decided to pander and wallow in the gutter like a rat. A rat that can’t think one coherent thought. Check out this beauty here. I apologize in advance for the technicolor:

IF, I were to be compared to AL BUNDY of Married With Children,” or the BEATLES Drummer, RINGO STAR, or the BEATLESguitarist, GEORGE HARRISON, by the Left-Wing Liberal Democrats, who some say, I resemble, No One would say NOTHING either.”

Ye s… he did mention Al Bundy, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison in one sentence.

Look, I don’t expect this clown Hutchins to sniff the night air of our nation’s capitol, but this political climate is breeding thousands of these people everyday. People who believe that America’s promise should only be gifted to some of us, and those who don’t receive it are not welcome. I have no interest in discussing anything cogent regarding politics, with people who’d rather talk about Nazism, border passes for our president, and the illegality of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Spare me the freedom of speech talk. This is out-and-out hatred and ignorance, disguised as “American patriotism.”

If this is what passes for modern conservatism now, then keep sending me my liberal access card. Hutchins, and some of his fellow tea party wackjobs, can continue to trample the Mall’s hallowed grass. I just hope they make sure to scoop all the crap they’re dumping.

Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright, originally from Connecticut, is a blogger and budding freelance writer. He is heavily interested in politics and public policy. His aim is to encourage real debate between real people. Real change begins on the grassroots level, not in the media. He attended the University of Hartford in West Hartford,Connecticut, and now makes his home in Atlanta, Georgia. He also makes a mean lasagna.