Paula DeenKeep a straight face now. This is tragic. Poor Paula Deen, while unloading Smithfield Hams for Hosea Feed the Hungry, was hit in the snout by the arse of a pig. It was captured on camera in a small slice. She quickly saved face and calmly muttered, “oooh, I didn’t know it was being thrown.” This was one of those monumental moments that few of us expect: when pigs fly. Clearly, anything can happen now. Snowballs may survive in hell.

The good news is that Paula did not fall flat on her face; but let’s face it, she didn’t exactly ham it up either, despite typically being one of the biggest (and best) hams on the face of the earth. This completely flies in the face of her reputation, which I hope will be enhanced by having shown her face with good deeds to help feed the hungry and by her good sportsmanship in the face of such adversity. She really put some bright pink lipstick on this pig that smacked her upside the head.

Deen has proven how tough she is and may yet face many more chances to prove it when someone next calls her pig-headed – or worse, a butt-head. I hope they have the courage to say it to her face, instead of being two-faced about it. Besides, she has already faced fears that many Americans are still awaiting – the swine flew, and she survived.

Before you pig out this Thanksgiving, let’s go whole hog and tell Paula what a hero she is for taking it on the chin on behalf of the  hunger problem we have in America and around the world. Comment on her facebook fan site. She was just the pearl before this swine.

Terri Evans

Terri Evans

Terri Evans is 25+year marketing communications professional, a partner at LeslieEvansCreative and Bcauz marketing (cause-related). She has been a food columnist for Atlanta Intown and Atlanta Buckhead newspapers, and a contributing writer for Georgia Magazine, the Atlanta Business Chronicle and other publications. Evans was also a finalist in a Southern Living cooking competition. She is (and has long been) at work on a novel set in the South (of Georgia) and the South (of France). She's always cookin' up somethin'.