Did you ever wonder exactly what you were doing 15 years ago? 15 years ago I had an incredible experience. It was 1994. The Olympics were coming to Atlanta. My company had put together a daring plan to capture on film life in the South in a single day. The finished film would be the featured presentation at the Welcome South Visitors Bureau in downtown Atlanta.

We hand selected 18 film directors… all of them Southern by birth, to capture the day. They could pick any crew they wanted.  We told them they would be assigned a city. The locations we selected ranged from Lexington in the north to The Everglades in the South… From Wilmington in the east to Baton Rouge in the west. In all these 18 crews shot in 17 cities and 134 locations from midnight to midnight. In total, they shot more than nine hours of film.

It took more than three months to edit the nine hours down to 10 minutes of a story we will never forget. Mark Johnson wrote the script of a lifetime. Johnny Cash agreed to read the narrative. Randstad stepped up to the table to be the corporate sponsor. All in all, it was unforgettable. The film ran for two-years in Atlanta.

So if you were wondering what the South was like on October 23, 1994, here’s exactly what was going on.

Craig Miller

Craig Miller

Craig Miller is a film and television producer in Atlanta, GA. His companies, Craig Miller Productions and C Pictures, have produced work for Fortune 500 Companies and Advertising Agencies for 24 years. He is currently the Co-President of the Georgia Production Partnership, a statewide organization dedicated to growing the feature film business in the state of Georgia.