Mickelson Returns GolfOK, sports fans, we know you spent all weekend watching football or the Tour Championship from Atlanta’s historic East Lake course. (How ’bout that Lefty? How ’bout that Tiger?)

Now that the weekend’s over, we don’t want you to suffer total withdrawal, so here’s a forum for anyone who wants to talk about sports. You can bring up any topic you want, but here are three questions for starters:

1) The ponds probably haven’t frozen over in your neighborhood yet, but here comes the National Hockey League season. Four games are scheduled Thursday. In Atlanta, the season opens Saturday when the Thrashers take on the Tampa Bay Lightning, rivals in the five-team Southeast division. Do you think hockey is viewed as a major sport in the South, and, if not, do you think it will become one?

2) In college football, No. 4 Mississippi lost to South Carolina. No. 9 Miami was knocked off by No. 11 Virginia Tech. Florida remains No. 1. Next to Florida, which is the strongest team in the South? (Feel free to include pro teams.)

3) The Atlanta Braves announced last week that Bobby Cox will be back to manage for one more year. Good news?

OK, our lines are open. What would you like to say about sports?

Note: The Southern Play category on our Web site was originally intended as a place for conversation about sports. This posting is an experimental one and could become a regular feature if readers are interested. Or it could not.