crime_scene_mgmt1_2405-1Competing for attention with the hot videos, box office and iPhone app downloads, the latest crime stats are out. The FBI has just released the preliminary report of the latest numbers of crimes — break-ins, robberies, rape, murders, arsons, that sort of thing. If you have sophisticated data crunching skills and way too much time on your hands, here’s the full report (note: They offer breakdowns for crime where you live, just keep clicking the links).

Finally, something that is going down is good news: for the second year in row, crime has declined. According to the report, “Nationwide, violent crime fell 3.5 percent and property crime 2.5 percent during the first six months of the year…”

So, why? Some rational thinkers among us expected the stats to rise based on the economy (the greatest depression since the great depression except we have Prozac and a $9 trillion bailout).

Is it possible that the economy is so bad people can’t afford to drink as much and do really stupid things? Yes. Is it possible the findings are based on what is reported and with nationwide cutbacks there are fewer statisticians in the police ranks reporting? Sure. Is it possible everyone has an iPod and they are no longer worth stealing? Yes. Is it possible preliminary numbers are spun by political functionaries, like we do with employment numbers and they will be adjusted after the news cycle? Seems so. Is it possible things are so bad there are fewer things to steal? Nah. Is it possible there is just no good market for stolen goods? Yes. Is it possible all the people seeking free room, board and medical care are already in prison? Not likely. Is it possible we had fewer police on the streets who arrested a few percent less people? Could be on to something. Could it be we were so involved in hope, Palin’s wardrobe and the Bush-Cheney train finally leaving, that we forgot to rob, rape, murder and pillage? Maybe.

Oh, I know. Teacher, teacher, teacher, call on me. Wall Street ate all the money.

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Lee Leslie

Lee Leslie

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