FAF4BT3F2JKMXTY.MEDIUMWhatever happened to pocket protectors?

I know, people fell out with the geek look and tossed aside their pocket protectors at the same time they stopped strapping slide rules to their belts. But I’m thinking we threw the baby out with the bath water.

Slide rules are archaic, unnecessary, and ignored. Sam Cook’s line in the song “What A Wonderful World” in which he declares that he doesn’t “…even know what a slide rule is for” completely escapes today’s youth. Which is fine, there is no good reason for modern youth to waste brain cells fiddling with a bulky tool prone to error when every cellphone has a snappy fast and deadly accurate calculator.

But pocket protectors could still be useful. Even those fully equipped with pda’s and netbooks find daily uses for old-fashioned ink pens.

And I bet I’m not the only one with slashes of ink over, under, around, and in every shirt pocket I own.

Would a white, vinyl pocket liner with a defense contractor advertising logo look any worse than the black blob at the bottom of my favorite yellow shirt?

Piney Woods Pete

Piney Woods Pete

Hard-charging salesman by day, Piney Woods Pete stays up late into the foggy night to render words.