Public Sneezing vs Public OptionThe checker in the grocery store starts sneezing, I notice she doesn’t use a tissue but rather wipes her nose on her sleeve and continues bagging my groceries.

I can’t help but wonder since she is an hourly employee, possibly even part time, she probably doesn’t have health care. So that means, she is not able to take care of that flu/infection but instead is oblivious to the fact that everyone that goes through her line is going to share her gift of germs. Do I send her a thank you note?

Which made me start thinking, if we all had universal health care that would mean a very simple thing. We no longer have to worry about ourselves in public. In other words, if everyone could have the necessity of health care, we are all at a lessened risk of losing a day at work, or simple joys, because of sharing someone else’s germs. So very simple!

Which begs the question, why is this so difficult to pass if it protects everyone, even the big I?

Ariel Harris

Ariel Harris

Ariel Harris, believer in the positive and intentional language, artist, writer, empowerer/tutor for 'at-risk' kids, shares life-joy with her soul mate Jamal (of ‘round midnite' fame, WCQS), has a bevy of three grown socially conscious extraordinary children plus two wonderful loving wedding additions, two granddaughters, and is awaiting heralding the time of great comfort for all. Ariel is available for comfort sessions and can be reached at [email protected]