3204524229_2e9ac79dd6Georgia State Patrol troopers are expected to take at least 12 and possibly as many as 22 furlough days this fiscal year as the recession chokes the flow of state revenues.

This is bad for public safety and bad for the troopers.

It is also easily solvable.

If Governor Perdue can’t find the funds to pay State Patrol salaries, he need only remind them of the posted speed limits and ask that they ticket anyone doing, say, 10 m.p.h. over the limit.

I routinely drive 65 in 55 m.p.h. zones and have my doors blown off by fellow motorists. A couple of weeks of intense ticket writing would improve highway safety and raise more than enough funds to pay the patrolmen.

Piney Woods Pete

Piney Woods Pete

Hard-charging salesman by day, Piney Woods Pete stays up late into the foggy night to render words.