governor_sonny_perdue_mediumTO:   Governor Sonny Perdue

FR:   Confused & Irritated Taxpayer

RE:   Our State Tax Refund

Gov. Perdue, being the smart man you are, since you managed to get elected governor not once, but twice, of Georgia, I’m hoping you can help me understand why the state can’t refund our $506.

Way back on April 15, three months ago next Wednesday, I, myself, went to the only post office in my small rural community and stood in line.  I stood in line while a number of elderly women jostled in front of me, even though I was obviously tired, my feet hurt and I had just taught the whole day.  I even watched the postal clerk put our joint return in the box, with just the right amount of postage.

Maybe that box was the “black hole to Atlanta,” not the box for tax returns going to Atlanta.  I could have been mistaken.

At any rate, after three months, no refund, so my husband and I figured we needed to see what was going on.  I got online and put in the required information.  Voila!  A green lettered message:  “We have no record of your tax return.  Please wait four weeks.”

Four weeks?  I’ve already waited three months. Not good enough.  This time, I called the 800 number.  That’s supposed to be free.  And, since I guess my time has no monetary value, I called, pushed the right buttons, and stayed on hold for 13 minutes.

Finally, a very nice man, but sort of scary information.  We moved from Atlanta last summer and that’s the only address the Revenue people have for us.  Some of my not so long ago ancestors probably would have appreciated that, but I’m impatient.  And, here’s the bottom line. . .

The state revenue office has no idea where our tax return is and may not know for 14 to 20 weeks after I mailed it.  That could be sometime in September. AND, according to the nice man, currently they are just processing returns mailed April 1-6!

Gov. Perdue, this is where I need your help.  The state required me to mail my return by April 15.  Most bills I have to pay have a date on them.  After that, there’s a penalty, usually financial.  And my reasons don’t matter.  Houses are foreclosed, cars repossessed. Nasty phone calls late at night are rather stressful if you haven’t experienced it lately.

So, all the reasons I’ve heard recently, such as we had to lower the workforce (i.e., layoffs), don’t really matter to me.  I’m a creditor and I need my money.  The state recently received millions of dollars from the Federal government and  I’m assuming the “stimulus” money isn’t sitting in a trust fund for swampland in Florida.

Gov. Perdue, I’m sure you can explain this delay.  No, I didn’t vote for you and I don’t plan to vote for any Republican in my lifetime.  But, you are the “leader” of Georgia and this creditor wants answers.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Susan De Bonis

Susan De Bonis

I guess you always end up where you started. Although I was born at Duke, I actually grew up in Georgia, primarily in South Georgia. My daddy's family is from Fitzgerald, my mother's from Worth County. My husband, who is not a native of these parts, is convinced I'm related to half of the state. I've worked in TV, radio, and newspaper (including time at the AJC), primarily in management, but also in news and research.  For the last seven years I've taught at a regional university in GA.  Time to move on.  Academia isn't for me.  Where I land is anyone's guess, for sure I don't know.