DSC00096Parties are springing up all over the United States this weekend. But last week some contributors to Like the Dew got a jump on the celebrations with a gathering at the home of Arthur and Eleanor Ringel Cater in Atlanta. Here are snapshots of some of the people who were there, in hopes that readers can enjoy a virtual Dew gathering of their own.

Photos, from top:

The hosts, Eleanor Ringel Cater and Arthur Cater, wonder who’s going to clean up the mess after this get-together ends.

DSC00093Clockwise from left, Ron Feinberg, Eleanor Ringel Cater, Jennifer Hill, Tom Walker, Melinda Ennis and Arthur Cater (eating a nacho)  discuss great stories they would like to read or write. Arthur interrupts a couple of times to say he really likes the nachos.

DSC00106Conversations about potential stories break out in various corners At left, Lee Leslie talks with an invisible person (who, he says later, was a very good listener), while Terri Evans, Melinda Ennis and Reagan Walker (back to camera) ignore Lee and discuss their own better ideas.

DSC00105Not far away, Maggie Lee, Eleanor Ringel Cater and Keith Graham (back to camera) discuss other possibilities. Just in front of them, Bootsie Lucas (also known as Mary Lee) chats with another invisible person. (Like the Dew contributors tend to have vivid imaginations.)

DSC00090Chris Wohlwend and Mary “Bootsie Lucas” Lee halt their conversation about contemporary journalism students to smile for the camera.

DSC00102Tom Walker takes time out for a winning smile, too.

Gayle White and Jennifer Hill are just too intense at the moment to be interrupted.DSC00103

DSC00091Terri Evans and William Hedgepeth discuss Sartre’s “Being and Nothingness” or, maybe, they were sharing ideas about building readership for Like the Dew.

DSC00108Tom Baxter has an opinion of his own, which Eleanor Ringel Cater and Lili Baxter think is hilarious.

DSC00085Chrys Boswell Graham is hugged by an unidentified man. Who was that guy?


Terri Evans’ tomato pie was one big hit of the evening. This was another: an Opossum Ball, prepared from a family recipe (?) by Kathleen Gegan.

All photos by Chrys Boswell Graham except the next to last, which was taken by Kathleen Gegan. If you were there and are not in one of the pictures, as some people aren’t, consider yourself lucky.

  1. Have Party Will Travel is a catering company in Salt Lake City, Utah

  2. Fascinating to hear. By coincidence, I happen to know about a great Southern-themed party that once occurred in Salt Lake City. On May 1, 1966 — a l-o-n-g time ago — Skyline High School, then the largest school in the state of Utah, had a “Southern” dance, called “A Night on the Chattahoochee,” and invited several notable Southerners to attend. Among them were both Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and George Wallace, then-governor of Alabama. Both declined to attend, but they declined very politely. And that might have been — emphasize might, because I don’t know for sure — the only social event that they were ever jointly invited to attend. But if the people at Salt Lake’s Have Party Will Travel ever want to do another Southern-themed party, please let us know. Some of the likethedew.com folks might be willing to come out.

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