Fire at data centerThis was not the barbecue we had in mind for Dewers this fourth of July. A small fire at the LikeTheDew web-hosting provider’s data center on fireworks-eve knocked us offline leaving our readers without their independent morning Dewsletter on Independence Day. It also left many Independence Day stories homeless and now a bit dated.

Ironically, the fire demonstrated our dependence, after all. Yes, we are dependent upon consistent technology to support home delivery of The Dew. It is a reminder of the need for back-up systems (we dew – multiple and off-site), alternative providers (we don’t afford), and a preparedness plan (we will) for such unexpected events. Readiness is especially important to small arts organizations, whose ability to provide continuity in the face of emergencies is extremely important.

As one “Dewer” wrote, “It’s terrible to be voiceless and powerless, isn’t it? I miss our site.”

Another consoled, “…happy to hear it’s not tragic. For instance, if Manuel’s was closed July 4th.”

The Southern Arts Federation (SAF) is building a strong case — and equally strong support system, for readiness and business continuity among literary, visual and performing arts; and folk-art organizations. The SAF web site offers on-line planning tools, case studies, assistance, and other resources  for Southern arts organizations to use in creating their own, unique plan for preparedness and recovery. Katrina’s devastation of the New Orleans’ arts and culture community is the most vivid and recent reminder of such a need. Speaking of reminders, hurricane season officially began on June 1. Thankfully, not one storm formed in June. Whew, only five more months to go …
Let’s all get ready, and put this fire, or flood, or power loss, out before it starts. Welcome back to LikeTheDew.

Terri Evans

Terri Evans

Terri Evans is 25+year marketing communications professional, a partner at LeslieEvansCreative and Bcauz marketing (cause-related). She has been a food columnist for Atlanta Intown and Atlanta Buckhead newspapers, and a contributing writer for Georgia Magazine, the Atlanta Business Chronicle and other publications. Evans was also a finalist in a Southern Living cooking competition. She is (and has long been) at work on a novel set in the South (of Georgia) and the South (of France). She's always cookin' up somethin'.