Leters from WarDid you know that more soldiers die from accidents than from active military engagement?

A few years back, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Mark Schulz, Word Entertainment recording artist, to create “Letters from War”, a poignant music video that brought home the painful effects of war on family and loved ones. Today, as more and more American Soldiers return home, they struggle adapting to a life and routine that’s far removed from what they faced at war. PTSD, depression, drug abuse, and accident-related deaths are on the rise among Soldiers who have returned from combat.  This Independence Day, let’s make more people aware of how they can support these brave men and women as they transition to their new lives. Let’s reach out to families and friends who have spent many months waiting for their loved ones to return home.

How can you help?  Be a part of saving American Soldiers’ lives.  Send these links to every Soldier and his or her family.  Absolutely everyone needs to know.

Letters from War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuvbBwsMTgI

Dear American Soldier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1yb8opNBdc

Craig Miller

Craig Miller

Craig Miller is a film and television producer in Atlanta, GA. His companies, Craig Miller Productions and C Pictures, have produced work for Fortune 500 Companies and Advertising Agencies for 24 years. He is currently the Co-President of the Georgia Production Partnership, a statewide organization dedicated to growing the feature film business in the state of Georgia.