4a09e413-a4a6-4ff3-a98a-16c334957787As a former employee of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution now living in Athens, I get lots of complaints from locals miffed that the paper no longer circulates here.

One friend, whose mother is in a nursing home in Winder, says her mother and other residents of the home are still fuming because they can’t get the AJC. “Mother is a lifelong reader of the newspaper,” my friend said. “So are many of the other elderly people at the nursing home.”

Those creative elders, however, have worked out a solution: Several times a week, one or two people from the nursing home drive over to Gwinnett County, in the AJC’s circulation area, buy a stack of papers and bring them back to the nursing home residents. “It’s like they’re smuggling drugs across the border,” my friend said.

Jingle Davis

Jingle Davis

Jingle Davis, who lives in Athens, Georgia, has been a journalist for 25 years, freelancing for The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and other national and regional newspapers and magazines. She operated the coastal bureau of The Atlanta Journal and Constitution for about a decade before moving to Atlanta to work as a metro reporter. She became a metro editor in 2003, first editing three weekly zoned editions of the paper (City Life Buckhead, City Life Midtown and South Metro), then moving to metro editing. She served as assistant city editor and was acting city editor before taking a buyout retirement offer from the paper in June, 2007.