Post_PropertiesDon’t get me wrong. I’m all for the stimulus bill. I think it is absolutely appropriate for Washington to replace the imaginary money lost on Wall Street with imaginary money from the treasury.

Don’t get me wrong. I know they have to spend it on something. Roads are easy. Might as well add a lane or two everywhere. It means jobs, which means people can eat. And, I love the hardworking people we have invited from other countries to do the work. It’s just, well, I really don’t like the inconvenience of the construction delays.

I think it might have been much better for all of us if the stimulus bill was just spent on government buildings. For instance, why not rebuild the Capitol, the White House and the Treasury Building? Do the same at the Stock Exchange. Yeah, they’d have to tear the buildings down first. Then it would take years to rebuild. Couldn’t that be wonderful? They’d be soooo inconvenienced. It would be years before they screw us further. We need a local stimulus, too, so we could do the same in each of the states and our cities.  That could be even better.

This morning (Saturday), the workers appeared on the scaffolding outside my window promptly at 9:05 AM. They won’t leave until about 6:00, unless it rains. They have been at it for almost three months and will be here at least another two. They are wonderfully hardworking, respectful and well-mannered young men. No, none of the 120 workers on the crew are female. A handful do speak English, but mostly it is a Spanish lesson for us.

They are repairing the building I live in because the owner needs to sell it (Post Properties; current stock quote). Something about a bad economy, a depressed stock price and needing to raise cash. They tried hard last year to dump it, but the windows weren’t flashed correctly and there was some wood damage under the stucco in a few places. The section of the building I live in was perfectly fine, but they replaced the doors, ripped off the stucco, re-flashed, re-insulated, etc. anyway. Made a real mess. Loud. Dirty. Stressful. No privacy. No views. Makes me angry to walk down the hall and feel the crunch of construction debris under my feet. To see the security doors wide open. To hear the saws and the hammering. I truly hate them for it. Good for the economy, I guess. Just not convenient.

I talked with some of the workers about it. I asked what it is like to tear down a perfectly good building and build it back? The younger workers looked to the older ones for signs of how to answer this Anglo. They smiled and nodded politely. Laughed. Waited patiently to see if I were going to continue asking them questions in a language they didn’t understand. I knew I was talking to myself, but they were the only ones who would listen.

The stimulus spending will start most everywhere soon. You’ll learn what it is like. Inconvenient, but good for the economy.

Lee Leslie

Lee Leslie

I’m just a plateaued-out plain person with too much time on his hands fighting the never ending lingual battle with windmills for truth, justice and the American way or something like that. Here are some reader comments on my writing: “Enough with the cynicism. One doesn’t have to be Pollyanna to reject the sky is falling fatalism of Lee Leslie’s posts.” “You moron.” “Again, another example of your simple-minded, scare-mongering, label-baiting method of argumentation that supports the angry left’s position.” “Ah, Lee, you traffic in the most predictable, hackneyed leftist rhetoric that brought us to the current state of political leadership.” “You negative SOB! You destroyed all my hope, aspiration, desperation, even.” “Don’t you LIBERALS realize what this COMMIE is talking about is SOCIALISM?!?!?!” “Thank you for wonderful nasty artful toxic antidote to this stupidity in the name of individual rights.” “I trust you meant “bastard” in the truest father-less sense of the word.” “That’s the first time I ran out of breath just from reading!” “You helped me hold my head a little higher today.” “Makes me cry every time I read it.” “Thanks for the article. I needed something to make me laugh this mourning.” “If it weren’t so sad I would laugh.” "... the man who for fun and personal growth (not to mention rage assuagion) can skin a whale of bullshit and rack all the meat (and rot) in the larder replete with charts and graphs and a kindness..."“Amen, brother.”

  1. Terri Evans

    My favorite part of all this “progress” is the loss of the sweeping views of Piedmont Park on one side and Midtown on the other. Not to mention the premium we pay to no longer enjoy this special spot that we waited for in order to get such a splendid perch. I also will not mention my fury related to having only one place to dress – the only windowless space: the closet. Nor will I mention, the difficulty of working, and especially attempting to write IN ENGLISH, while others around me are constantly (rapid-fire) speaking in another language. Nor will I mention the loss of the beautiful light we fell in love with here, or the loss of the same that our plants fell in love with and how sad they are now. I would not dream of mentioning the construction dust that now covers the very carefully nurtured Meyer lemon trees on our balcony, or for that matter, their loss of required sun. Or the incessant scraping sound, which could only be more melodic if it were performed on a chalk board.

  2. Plus, it isn’t a very compelling story to encourage a visit from your new granddaughter!

  3. Lee Leslie

    Another reason we are so bitter. However, it is lovely inside with the shades drawn. More lovely if you were here.

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