Obviously South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is not all he appeared to be.

Not only does he have to deal with his own hypocrisy but also realize the world knows he has quite the nerve.

After his wife had learned of Sanford’s affair earlier this year, he asked her permission to go to Argentina and see his mistress just one more time.  This is akin to being caught in the act by your spouse, frantically apologizing but asking her to let you and your lover finish.

But on to Argentina anyway. He left word that he was going to hike the Appalachian Trail. He goes under covers. He goes underground. This from a man that, while in Congress, voted against preserving sites linked with The Underground Railroad.

Mrs. Sanford hoped he was hiking the trail, communing with nature and doing some serious soul searching.  That image may not fit with how many of us perceive Republican governors in the South.  Surely they’re not communing with nature.  That sounds too much like the singer Donovan when they’re usually thinking Lee Greenwood.  And if they’re on the Appalachian trail, aren’t they thinking of areas that can be cleared for a Wal-Mart or a Chili’s?  And soul searching?  That’s for wimps.

Then in an interview on Friday of this week, Sanford cited the Bible’s story of David and Bathsheba. David did not resign and he had the husband of his mistress killed! No one suspects Sanford of any murder. David ruled his kingdom and had his concubines ready all the while. David’s attention to governmental duties and his gals sounds challenging for anyone. He must have been an inspiration to JFK.

3328886797_a04d987c39Despite the pleas of his own party, Sanford says he won’t resign as governor. His is only reminiscent of other acts of stonewalling. Go back to September 1973. Under suspicion for taking kickbacks, then-Vice President Spiro Agnew declared if indicted he would not resign. He had spent the previous evening with Frank Sinatra, receiving encouragement to fight through the controversy.  Perhaps Sanford should seek out advice from Lee Greenwood. But it probably won’t help.  After all, despite the pleas of The Chairman of the Board, Agnew resigned the next month.

During the time  Agnew was having his troubles, his boss, Richard M. Nixon, was having his own with the Watergate scandal.  About Watergate, the late humorist Art Buchwald noted that he couldn’t have made it up.  The people we send to office provide us with comedic moments as well as sad and sometimes tragic situations.  Watergate happened during some very tough years for our country. These are hard times now.  We wonder about the economy, Obama’s stimulus package and its eventual results. We all can use a laugh.  And who would have thought that Mark Sanford, of all people, would provide us with one regarding his own stimulus package?

Jeff Cochran

Jeff Cochran

Jeff Cochran worked in advertising at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for 27 years before accepting a buy-out in the Summer of 2008. In the seventies/early eighties, he handled advertising for Peaches Records and Tapes' Southeastern and Midwestern stores. He also wrote record reviews for The Great Speckled Bird, a ground-breaking underground newspaper based in Atlanta.

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  1. Loved the article. Especially the last line. What is with these politicians. Do they take hypocrisy 101 in college? Can’t wait to read your take on Palin!

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